ZER0 pet is a Tier 14 Pet introduced in Update 3.  

It has purely black body with white eyes and red pupils. When equipped, it floats in the air instead of walking on the ground. It emits a faint black light around it’s body. 

It has a base level of 20,000+. Its rarity is 5 stars, with a 0.01% chance to obtain.


This pet can be made golden to achieve stats of about 60,000+ levels. This pet was previously unable to be made golden until Update 10.


Its rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal stats with 100,000+ levels.


  • When first introduced, the pet was simply called "0". But later the name changed to "ZER0", which is a mock of the word zero.
  • This pet has one "cousin", which is the pet 1NE.
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