Willow Wisp Green is a Halloween limited pet, no longer obtainable as of Update 10 on 11/9/2018. It has the same stats as a Cyborg Dominus. It has a five star rarity. The base stats for the Willow Wisp Green is 100,000 Coin Collection and 100,000 Agility. The chances of hatching it are 0.003% (1 in 33,333 eggs) or 0.045% (1 in 2,500 eggs) on the Cursed Hallow Egg.


This pet can be made golden to achieve stats of 300,000 for both Coin Collection and Agility. This pet was previously unable to be made gold until Update 10.


In rainbow form, Willow Wisp Green stats is 500,000 Coin Collection and 500,000 Agility (1,000,000 to 1,200,000). The rainbow Willow Wisp Green is 5 times better than the regular version. These stats are equal to a regular Skeleton Ghost or a Rainbow Cyborg Dominus!

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