Willow Wisp is a Halloween limited pet, no longer obtainable as of Update 10 on 11/9/2018. It has 5 stars as its rarity, and it has the same stats as a C0RE SH0CK.

The base stats are 100,000.

Willow Wisp can be bought in the premium shop for 439 robux. When bought in the premium shop, Willow Wisp has stats of 7,000 Coin Collection, and 1,500 Agility, the chance of getting it is 0.975% (aproximately 1%).


In golden form, the stats are 300,000. This is x3 better than the regular version.


In rainbow form, the stats of the Willow Wisp is 500,000. This is x5 better than the regular version.

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