The White Dog is a Tier 2 Pet obtainable through a Tier 2 Egg. It has a half of a star as it's rarity, and it's considered to be " Basic " when you go up to a Tier 2 Egg. The White Dog is a Reskin of the Dog pet. The normal level is 17 or higher.

Golden,Rainbow, and Dark Matter

You can get a Golden, Rainbow, or Dark Matter White dog by using these ways.

  • You can make a Golden White Dog by Combining 10 White Dogs into a Golden pet.
  • You can make a Rainbow one by combining 10 Golden White Dogs into a Rainbow pet, or you can hatch a Rainbow pet
  • You can make a Dark Matter White Dog by combining 10 Rainbow White Dogs into a Dark Matter pet.

Golden can have 51+ or more, Rainbow can have 85+ or more, and Dark Matter can have 255+ or more levels.

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