I have ten dominus cherrys and i wanna know what ppl will trade for them. I can't make them gold so i wanna see what i can get for some, i want another dominus damnee so bad XD I feel like trading 4 or five for a dominus damnee but idk. thats already worth like 3x more than a dominus damnee -_-... thx for reading!! XD

ps. i will not trade all ten for one thing unless it is like crazy good, like i would not take a rainbow core shock for it but there are better pets in the game now because of the new update, if i was to trade them all i would want a dominus eletric XD (they are 10x better than the dominus cherry)

ok if u will trade ur dominus damnee for 4 or 5 dominus cherrys comment :)

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