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5. dominus huge

the reason i placed this one low is because it was duped to DEATH its not even funny (especially dark matter). the normal version of it is still pretty rare and valuable however so it does compensate. i would consider this the most useless dominus (in value) because it was that duped

4. dominus electric

ive seen way less dark matters of this one comapred to huge and dominus rainbow. normal is not too hard to find but gold and rainbows are harder to find. overall ive seen a metric heckton of dm huges

3. dominus empyreus/frigidus/messor

i put 3 here because theyre all the same thing with a different coat of paint. theyre not too hard to hatch but how many times have you seen these, especially in rainbow/dark matter? probably not a lot and you might be able to get cool things for them

2. cyborg dominus

this was an absolute nightmare to hatch back then even though i played in update 10. the chances of hatching it (according to the wiki) were smaller than hatching a skeleton ghost. it may be garbage stat wise now but if you have one of these you can easily get some good pets for it, maybe even better than a noob

1. dominus partner

i do not need to explain this one but here goes nothing: only a select few people who have a successful youtube/twitch channel have this but ive seen a few distributed throughout the community. of course it has been duped like anything else (ive seen some dark matter partners) but thats just pet simulator for me

thats it

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