Hello, wiki user. I am JuztHoney, a wiki admin. I would like to inform you all about my recent name change. My name changed from "HoneyNutC18" to "JuztHoney". I would like to make sure you all know so there are no questions about who I am down-the-line. While you are all here, I would like to say a few things:

  • Make sure to update/add information if you find it in Pet Simulator 1 and/or 2
  • See a category missing? Add it! (All Pet Simulator 2 content gets the "Pet Simulator 2" category)
  • Start up a conversation in the blog section. It can always give you something to do in your free time.
  • Start playing Pet Simulator 1 and/or 2! They're both great games when you try them.
  • Join the discord! Over 1850 members have joined the discord. Are you next?
  • Edit your Profile Page! Let others know a little more about you. (There are some ideas already put on every profile page by default unless removed)

Remember, wikis are always in need of help. Since what has been happening around the globe, a lot of people (mostly students) are getting more time to do what they want. The wiki staff would like to say that we really appreciate the support the wiki has gotten since it's creation.


JuztHoney (Wiki Admin)


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