It was a normal day, like normal... The pets were hanging out, gathering money... But someone unusual came running by. Running away, from rainbow dominus huges. It was the illegal dominus named "ImBiggest". Dominus electric: ok, what is all this racket?!

dominus Damnee: I have no idea.

Agony: well, that's the illegal dominus named "ImBiggest". There trying to catch him and confiscate him.

dominus electric: well, how on earth have they still not caught him yet?!

Agony: he is just too smart to get caught. He always gets away, stealing coins, and chests.

Dominus electric: well, how smart is he? Like, what percentage? Like is he a part of the smartest 5% pets here?

Agony: well he is one of the only 100 extremely smart pets. If there was a leaderboard of iq, he would be placed at #26 because of how smart he is.

Dominus damnee: what about me?

Agony: well, your one of the 9000 average iq pets.

dominus damnee: well, what place would I be?

Agony: well you would probably be placed at #2865 because your pretty smart to be honest.

Agony: also, I'm one of the 100 smartest pets here. And my place is #1. Even dark matter dominus huge confirmed it. Apparently, dark matter dominus huge is placed #2.

I'll write more later.

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