This is outrageous. First of all, the price. $65??? WAY too much. The dimensions of this plushie are barely anything! The reason for this price must be for the in-game code, giving a Giant Cat.

The Plushie, considering its dimensions, must be only around 5 - 10 dollars each. Meaning this Giant Cat would cost at least $55!! If all of them are sold (Which I already think are) that's at least $5,500 dollars in profits! 

The reason why this is so successful is because it's literally like a gamepass, except using real currency! Plus, only 100 are available, making them in demand! And the level of the pet is nearly 10 billion!

Is this even allowed? Selling things within Roblox for real currencies? Roblox does basically own Pet Simulator, so is BIG GAMES allowed to sell things inside their games for actual money?

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