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Story: Saving Ms Fozdike by Morris Gleitzman

Length:18 min

Family Friendly!

🤩 Hi! I’m TheFatNinjaCat, an Admin for this wiki 🥳

I’m also a Thread Moderator for the BIG Paintball Wiki

I used to be alive on the BGS Wiki and my profile there is cool :)

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A bit about me

  • My pronouns are strictly ‘Cat’
  • I have no life, i just spend my time on this wiki
  • I play Roblox Bedwars, Pet Simulator X, MM2, Tower of Hell, BGS, Super Golf, Outlaster, Epic Minigames, BIG Paintball and BaBFT


Doggy always with you



Credit: BillyJoeTheThird for the animation


*If you are here to report a scammer, tell/show me 3 things; proof of the scam, their roblox user and their external user/s (if possible).

*If you copy my profile’s code tell me before you do it

*If you would like to appeal a block ping me on the Pet Simulator Fandom Discord

*If you want to report a comment just ping me on it or message my wall with the link to it

*Don’t randomly ping me for trades unless I’ve actually offered or it is my post

*If you’re viewing my profile on mobile, it may seem a little messy and words may be missing - either click the edit source and just scroll down to where you want to read or click the arrow-shape-thing in the top right corner of your screen, it’s much easier.

*Don’t ask me for mod, wait for applications

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My PFP drawing by @KennyTheNoob21ss :DDD

My PFP drawing by @CheebChief :DDD

Me as a pet by @TheEasyGuy :DDD

My pet in 3D by @OrRblx :DDD

Me as a pet by @Jaz Loves Cats And Bee Swarm :DDD

The Huge Ninja Cat by @PLANTSPROUTS :DDD

The Pog Ninja Cat by @PLANTSPROUTS :DDD

Huge Ninja Cat in 3D by @ PLANTSPROUTS :DDD

Me as a pet by @Eggtist :DDD

Me as a pet by @PotatoCrips :DDD

Me as a pet by @Yourdailycommentatorpotator :DDD

Cool Comments

List Of Birthdays

Current Bday Count: 55 with 6 mods/admins and 1 dog 🐶

January 1st?!?! - Iliketotradeyeyeye

January 6th - CJM7447 (cat collector <3)

February 16th - DefildPlaysThinks (bgs mod that messaged my wall?!)

January 19th - XFliff (why u quit :C)

February 19th - NoelleGachauwu (underpay)

February 28th - Spfsfan212

March 3rd - JaybabyThaGoat

March 8th - Tsukishima3

March 19h - Mybye009

April 2nd - Atraderisyes

April 21st - Bman12224

April 23rd - Flaminchiken (nice art)

May 13th - The bubble king

June 9th - Jaz Loves Cats And Bee Swarm

June 10th - MonsterTrader

June 12th - Mr. Bladen (bgs admin)

June 17th - Icelando545

June 19th - RoadTo10UltimateTrophies

June 23rd - ZandyDandy0623 (Why you quit :C)

June 24th - Ihasname2 (np)

June 27th - SSforli

July 1st - Lol Like Ya Cut G

July 4th - Ojsr300

July 4th - Pink prodigy puppy’s puppy 🐶

July 12th - Blahbleeblu1

July 20th - Mohamedsaheed360

July 21st - Warmbrokennut

July 22nd - IGotDemSecreta

July 22nd - Deiven958761 (Ult’s brother)

July 28th - Ogygie

August 2nd - KennyTheNoob21ss (not noob)

August 4th - Jibs23 (bgs mod)

August 12th - Noobadventure123

August 15th - Grannythefranny

August 18th - Sasanisweird123

August 21st - Jeripro2000RF

August 28th - Marimhefny10

August 28th - 10002ufdsgiidhs

September 20th - Bluefireboy323 (he’s back!)

September 25th - I am unopposed

September 28th - KingHenryChase867 (BIG paintball admin)

September 28th - I Like Pizza WITHOUT Pineapple (i agree)

October 1st - WyllowingLego42

October 4th - Imadiscool67

October 9th - IceBoy75 (BIG paintball admin)

October 10th - SuJiToots (me, forget birthdays? Never…)

October 19th - Devilman1234567890 (pet sim thread mod)

October 26th - SirTradesALot

November 17th - RoadToEasterBasket

November 19th - Harlod05

November 25th - SasquatchLovesDogs

November 30th - HyperGGLOL

‘Decambar’ 2nd - DiamondRock

December 25th - Echomanic

Message my wall to tell me yours :b

Users to BE CAREFUL around

Note: These are ROBLOX usernames unless stated

  • luca8054 - Attempted Scammer - Trust Trade (he also inflates values)
  • kliles01 - HUGE BEGGAR and SUPER CHILDISH (spams please pet, calls you a nub when you dont give them a pet, is toxic to others, acts as though they are amazing at the game)
  • PufferMish - Succesful Scammer - CrossTrade (has 4 wiki accounts - PufferMish, FloraMcDora22, Googaaagoo and RonnyAnneJunior)
  • coolshadoww - Greedy Person ( *BGS* I was abt to give them a dono and they started to ask for me to add a shiny t3 .-.)
  • Supremeya15 - Successful Scammer - Hacking (s/he apparently hacked an account to give them self pets)
  • Survenity - Successful Scammer - MultiTrade (*BGS* s/he was offering for shiny wolflord, but didn’t add the extra 2.5k they were supposed to add after the first trade)
  • james_mondidoo - HUGE Beggar (spams pet plsss and threatens to unfriendly ppl if they dont give them pets)
  • ToastForpar3ker - Attempted Scammer - SwitchScam (*BGS* s/he switched an almighty pumpkin for an eternal pumpkin)
  • arius440 - HUGE Beggar and Value Inflator (*PET SIM X* I was abt to give them a dono and they started begging and spamming “Give me gems”, and spammed trades and called me a hacker when I didn’t, and even said that a 1k pet is worth 10k gems)
  • Tienbogi - Beggar (Self-Explanatory)
  • kevintut123 - HUGE Beggar (simply wouldn’t stop begging)
  • sarahehe11 - NSFW Behavior (doing things with a boy avatar in a roblox game called ‘Pool Vibe’)
  • fgtvghj123 - HUGE Beggar (Thinks that spam trading and then begging for pets put into offers is fine)
  • Pro123ml - Beggar (spams “pet pls” a million times then says that they weren’t spamming)
  • oplouser09 - Beggar (self explanatory)
  • pyrodanger3006 - Beggar (self explanatory)
  • Kingkraken210 - Attempted Scammer - CrossTrade (trying to give other game pets for pet sim x pets)
  • dsmpscewy_alt - Attempted Scammer - TrustTrade (asking to do trust trades in pet sim x)
  • nehrilo - Attempted Scammer - TrustTrade (asking to do trust trades in pet sim x as well)
  • xXlelekHD2 - HUGE Lowballer (*PET SIM X* giving outrageous offers for gems)
  • trihidee - Attempted Scammer - CrossTrade (cross trading in pet sim x)
  • girlblackys - Attempted Scammer - CrossTrade (giving other game stuff for pet sim x pets/gems)
  • xRIPNOOBx1 - Beggar (Self explanatory)
  • pleasedontrage99 - Hacker (speed hacks and kill hacks in bedwars)
  • Butterman77082 - Succesful Scammer - CrossTrade (gave pets for robux)
  • malalakas123123 - Beggar (self explanatory)
  • rayane_YT213 - Succesful Scammer - CrossTrade (scammed 500 robux for pet sim x pets)
  • Ludidi12345 - Succesful Scammer - SwtichScam (*PET SIM X* switched a pog immortuus for a normal immortuus)
  • Yessirkatee - Succesful Scammer - MultiTrade (*BGS* didn’t add shiny t3s after the trade like they were supposed to)
  • wetrewter12 - HUGE BEGGAR - (says their parents di3d and uses that to ask for free pets, if you say no they start spamming d3ath threats)
  • iksPioteriks - Rude and Attempted Scammer - CrossTrade - (often underpays or asks for pets in exchange for usd, swears, says racial slurs)
  • XmoderKingD - Attempted Scammer - CrossTrade - (offered 5 rats from adopt me for pets in Pet Simulator X)

BGS - Bubble Gum Simulator related

Pet Sim X - Pet Sim X related

Pet Simulator X Achievements I’ve Gotten

  • 1 pet!!!!!
  • 1k gems 💎
  • 10k gems 💎
  • 100k gems 💎
  • 1m gems 💎
  • 10m gems 💎
  • 15m gems 💎
  • 20m 💎
  • 100B+ coins 🥵
  • 150 pets in pet collection 💪
  • 200 pets in pet collection 🐶
  • Hatched a Legendary 🤩
  • Hatched 5 Legendaries 😯
  • Hatched 10+ legendaries 😮 😮 😮
  • 1M+ damage per ‘hit’ :))
  • 10M+ damage per ‘hit’ 🤗
  • 100M+ damage per ‘hit’ 😮‍💨
  • 200M+ damage per ‘hit’ 🎃
  • 300M+ damage per ‘hit’ 👾
  • 400M+ damage per ‘hit’ 🦆
  • 500m+ damage per ‘hit’ 🐽
  • 1b+ damage per ‘hit’ 🎊
  • Made 15M in one day without spending any Robux 😆

Wiki Achievements I’ve gotten

Wiki Achievements I’ve Gotten

  • 1 edit pogggg
  • 100 edits 💯
  • 500 edits :b
  • 1k edits 🤠
  • 1.5k edits 😼
  • 1 post 😎
  • 100 posts :p
  • 500 posts :)
  • 1K posts 🤓
  • 1.5k posts 🐰
  • 2k posts 🏵
  • 2.5k posts 👽
  • 3k posts 😪
  • 1 lucky edit 🍀
  • 2 lucky edits 🍀
  • 3 lucky edits 🍀
  • 4 lucky edits 🍀
  • CONTENT MOD 🎈 🎉 🎊
  • Got allowed to give out warnings 🤫
  • 1K+ badge points
  • 2K+ badge points 🎯
  • Top 10 in badge points 😛
  • Top 5 in badge points 😌
  • Top 3 in badge points 😋
  • Successfully got several scammers blocked 😊
  • Blocked 50+ people 😈
  • ADMIN 🤩👑🎁
  • Hosted an art contest! 🖼
  • Edited for 5 days in a row 🛩
  • Edited for 2 weeks in a row 🌅
  • Edited for 1 month in a row 🐻
  • Edited for 2 months in a row 🙀
  • Learned to change my username colour 🎨

Trading :P (message my wall to offer)

  • 21.9M Gems
  • Golden Domortuus


Random, Off-Centre Image :)

Hexadecimal number codes :)