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Latest update: Update 21 - Hardcore Update

The Update Log shows every update for Pet Simulator X, sourced from the BIG Games Developer Blogs or in-game for some updates. They are in order from latest to oldest. ( im a girl UwU please give me robux and donate me in pls donate my user is "supercallyfrugher" ) i might even date you UwU!

Updates released in 2022 (by month)

This table below shows all updates that had been released in 2022. There have been 11 updates in this year.

Update Description Released Date (2022)
15 Glitch Update January 22nd
16 Axolotl Update February 12th
17 Mastery Update March 5th
18 Pixel Update March 26th
19 April Fools Update April 1st
20 Easter Update April 17th
20.5 ToyLine Update June 25th
21 Hardcore Update July 29th



Hardcore Mode

  • Ready for a challenge?
  • If you have the Void world unlocked and at least 25% of your Mastery completed, you can enter Hardcore Mode!
  • Don't worry, you aren't giving away your pets (or soul) by entering Hardcore Mode. In fact, you can leave at any moment!
  • Progress in Hardcore is totally separate. Meaning - the coins and areas unlocked here don't reflect back over.
  • All pets you hatch in Hardcore are now HC pets (can you guess what this stands for)
  • HC pets are the same pets… but a trillion times stronger. 10^13 stronger, to be exact.
  • Machines in Hardcore also require much more pets and cost a LOT more. Hope you saved up your Diamonds!

Anniversary Gift

  • Happy PSX anniversary! Crazy to think this game has already been out for 1 year.
  • To celebrate the occasion, every player above the Pro rank will receive a free gift!
  • If you get lucky you might even score yourself an exclusive huge pet!
  • (ends July 30th)
  • Thanks for playing! <3

Secret Areas

  • These locks seem pretty hard to break…


  • 2 new hoverboards have been added - High Tech hoverboard and Purple hoverboard!
  • Both are found in Hardcore Mode!

Capybara Egg

  • The new exclusive egg is now available for purchase! Check out all the capybaras :D


Pet Outlines

  • Outlines have been added to pets! This is experimental. All pets have also had ToonShader graphics to make more beautiful.
  • (Sorry mobile players, but this isn't supported for you yet)

Hidden Achievements

  • Achievements that are no longer possible to get (such as events) are now greyed out.

Best Friend Enchant

  • The Best Friend enchant is now affected by the pet type! (rainbow, golden, etc)

Daily Rewards

  • Daily rewards have been re-balanced. Specifically the coin rewards.

New Music

  • A new music track has been added!

Frozen Timers

  • Frozen timers have been in the game for quite some time now.
  • Finally fixed! Yay!

Egg Lag

  • Opening lots of eggs (auto hatch) no longer brings your game to a crawl!

Added =


Added Countdown for the Big Update.

Huge Hell Rock!

All eggs have a chance to hatch Huge Hell Rock.



Season 1 Toys!

  • The season 1 toys are finally here, inside of Pet Simulator X!
  • We've been working on these for a long time. I'm super excited about them!
  • Toys come with redeemable codes* which can be used in PSX and future games!
  • We have lots of these toys coming out so keep your eyes open!
  • To keep up to date and see where you can grab them, visit


  • The giftboxes that were leaked were finally here! You'll just have to redeem a toy code to get them.
  • Certain Toy codes gives you certain giftboxes!

Bee Hoverboard!

  • Get the brand new bee hoverboard by redeeming a season 1 toy code!

Companion Enchant

  • New exclusive pets now have a Companion Enchantment!
  • Works very similar to the Best Friend enchant, albeit at a smaller scale.
    • Tier I = 50% better of your best pet
    • Tier II = 60% better of your best pet
    • Tier III = 75% better of your best pet

Inventory Gifts

  • There are now eggs that you can store in your inventory! These are called ‘Gifts’.
  • Gifts can be stored in the bank, opened, and even traded to other players!
  • This has been in the game for over a month already! Have you seen one yet?


Exclusive Egg Changes

  • Exclusive eggs system has changed, you can finally TRADE them! It is recommended not to make a value for it, though.

Duping Fixed!

  • The Duping issues are finally fixed!

Minor changes!

  • Certain minor changes are made in Pet Simulator X!
  • In-between last update and this update, I quietly pushed out a bunch of new features!
  • Most of these new things are related to the new PSX toy merch



Easter Event Removed

  • The Easter Event is over.

6x Luck Event

  • Egg luck has been increased *6x* for a limited time!


Easter Egg Hunt

  • For a limited time, Easter Eggs can be found scattered randomly around the map!
  • Break an egg and you will be rewarded with a random Easter themed pet! There are four different Easter Eggs, each containing better pets than the last. Be on the look out for the Legendary Easter Egg, which contains the best Easter pets and even a chance for a Huge Easter Cat!

17 New Easter Pets

  • We accidentally made too many Easter pets. But look how cute they are!
  • Once this event ends, these pets will no longer be attainable. Don't miss out!

Exclusive Egg Refresh

  • The Exclusive Egg has been refreshed with 3 new exclusive pets, including 2 huge exclusive pets! As always, these pets are limited time only and won't return!

Duping Fix

  • I made some very significant changes to prevent duping. As of 4/15, it's fully patched. I still recommend waiting a week before trading older pets as the duped pets fall out of circulation and get deleted.
  • If you believe you can still dupe, submit a ticket with video evidence and a timestamp on Discord. Bounty starts at 250k robux for any successful reports. I'll be keeping an eye out!

*Fingers crossed* that this is the end of duping, forever.


  • You can now search for pet nicknames and rarity! For example, try searching 'Exclusive'.
  • Huge Pets are now always sorted at the top!
  • You will no longer receive trade invites while using the Bank.
  • Bank lag has been reduced pretty significantly!
Happy Easter! :D


  • The April Fool's Event has been removed from the game.

Infinite Pets

  • Remember the Infinite Pets gamepass in Pet Simulator 1? I originally made it as a joke and it kind of just stuck. Tons of people enjoyed it. I think it's only fitting I bring it back on April Fools!

April Fools Event

  • Follow the hints for a FREE exclusive pet!


Merch Drop Update

  • Both plushies sold out extremely quickly! Congrats to all of those who were able to get one! Shipping will begin sometime next week (waiting on lockdown to lift). Check your email for a shipping confirmation in the coming days! <3


Pixel World

  • Introducing the Pixel World - which includes four brand new areas! Pixel Forest, Pixel Kyoto, Pixel Alps, and Pixel Vault! You can travel to the pixel world using The Void if you have the Axolotl Cave unlocked.
  • I built this world by hand and put a lot of love into it. Let me know what you think!

Pixel Eggs

  • Three new eggs have been added to the game! The Pixel Egg, Spotted Pixel Egg, and Rainbow Pixel Egg!

Pixel Pets

  • What's a Pixel World without Pixel Pets? Check out all of the new pets that have been added, including the Huge Pixel Cat!

Exclusive Egg

  • The Exclusive Pets Egg has been refreshed with all new, limited time pets! Good luck!

** Heads Up! **

  • The brand new Dog and Dragon plushies are dropping on Tuesday (3/15) @ 11am CST! Each plush comes with an exclusive code for a matching Huge Pet in-game!
  • The cat plushies sold out instantly, so don't miss out! You can find them here.



  • Introducing: Mastery! Level up individual skills and earn FREE permanent perks! Currently, there are 15 mastery skills in the game - more planned to be added soon!
    • BTW: If you max out ALL skills you get a special reward ;)

Free Gifts

  • Who doesn't love free things? Just by playing you can now unlock & open FREE gifts! These gifts can contain tons of coins, diamonds, boosts, and even the chance to get a HUGE PET!
  • Opened every gift? No worries, gifts will refresh in ~12 hours so you can open them again - for free!

Bank History

  • We all have that one dishonest and annoying friend that steals pets and diamonds from your bank without telling you because they will "give it back later". Starting about 2 weeks ago - banks have been logging every action with a username and timestamp. This activity is now visible under the history menu!
  • Make sure to never add anyone you don't trust to your bank!

Exclusive Egg

  • The Exclusive Egg has been refreshed with new Limited Time pets, including the Huge Lucky Cat! Get it while you can!

Steampunk Hoverboard

  • Unlock the new Steampunk Hoverboard by reaching Lvl 99 Collection Mastery!

2 New Ranks

  • Two new ranks have been added with even better rewards!

Pet Collection Tier 6

  • I added another tier to the Pet Collection because some of y'all are crazy and collected basically every pet in the game. If so, congrats! I'll add more rewards for pet collecting soon.

Bank Uplift

  • The bank interface received an uplift! Everything is much cleaner and easier to understand now.


Fan Art

  • New fan art has been added to the game! Featured artists also now have a chat tag! If you want to submit fan art, join our Discord. Thanks for the support! <3

Less Bank/Inventory Lag

  • I implemented some big performance changes to the inventory + bank. Pets now have animation culling and cleanup properly. I personally saw a performance increase of over +50%.


  • I polished up the interface a little bit more. Most notably, scrollbars are moved to the very edge to allow more content space and match the inventory. I also added a bunch of new SFX!

Hacker Portal Quests

  • I adjusted the final hacker portal quest - you no longer need to wait for the Dark Matter pets to finish converting! Simply start the conversion to progress the quest.

Dark Matter Machine

  • I changed the Dark Matter Machine diamond prices to reflect the recent balancing changes.

Unequip All

  • I fixed the Unequip All bug! Not very notable, but I know a lot of people were frustrated by this.

Robux --> Diamonds

  • You now get 4x more diamonds when purchasing for Robux! This should better reflect the recent balancing changes.


  • I polished up the fireworks and critical animations!

Cat Hoverboard

  • meow



Axolotl Ocean

  • Grab some scuba gear and explore the depths in the brand new Axolotl Ocean World! You can get here by crossing through The Void.

Axolotl Pets

  • Everyone loves axolotls. So we made a bunch of them! Enjoy :)

Axolotl Eggs

  • Hatch two brand new eggs, including their golden variants! Available in the Axolotl Ocean.

The Void

  • The ultimate gateway to alternate dimensions.

Hacker Portal

  • The Hacker Portal can now be opened! But first, you must complete a series of quests. Good luck!

Rainbow Coins

  • Introducing - Rainbow Coins! You can earn and spend these coins in the Axolotl Ocean and other upcoming worlds/areas. This also includes a new enchantment - Rainbow Coins!

New Exclusive Egg

  • The Orca, Gargoyle Dragon, Fairy Queen, and the Huge Gargoyle Dragon are now available in the new Exclusive Egg! Get them before they are gone forever!

Remastered Machines

  • All machines received a total makeover! I never liked how they looked originally (I'm not the best artist). Much needed improvement. Thanks Calvin!

Giant Underwater Chest


Deleting Exclusive Pets

  • You can now delete exclusive pets from your inventory! Why? I don't know? But you'll be given a 2nd warning when attempting to do so. Just in-case

Map Uplift

  • Many parts of the map were updated with a modern look. Most notably, the fountains!

New Achievements

  • Some new achievements have been added!

Re-balanced Lootbags<

  • Lootbag rewards and drop rates were re-calculated. Still not perfect. Gonna do more work here soon.

Tech World Bank

  • The bank is *finally* accessible from the Tech World!

Pet Collection Interface<

  • The pet collection interface received some minor adjustments. Most noticeably, huge pets are now sorted at the bottom

Cinematic Freecam<

  • Partners are now able to use cinematic freecam! Type, "/e freecam" in the chat to enable it. Looking to apply for partner? Join our Discord.



Glitched Pets

  • Seven brand new Glitched Pets have been added! These pets have some of the coolest designs so far, in my opinion. Look how sick they are!

Hacked Pets

  • Five new hacker themed pets are ready to be hatched including the Huge Hacked Cat!

2 New Eggs

  • Two brand new eggs (including their golden variations) have been added!

New Tech World Areas

  • Glitch Area
  • Hacker Portal Area
  • Secret Door?
    • Huh..? Secret door? What??

Featured Pets Egg

  • Trying something different this update. The Exclusive Pets Egg contains 3 new exclusive pets, at 800 robux per egg! I also threw in a Huge Pet just for fun. Like always, these pets won't be sticking around - so get them while you can!

Tier 8 Bank

  • You can now store up to 1 trillion diamonds and 3,000+ pets with a Tier 8 Bank! The price is hefty, though.


Better Egg Opening

  • Egg opening has always looked very dull and illegible. I took some time at fixing the latter. Pet info is now rendered in 3d and looks much cleaner & easier to read! I made some other minor changes, too. Let me know what you think. This is just the start of what will hopefully be a much better hatching experience.

Tech World Uplift

  • The Tech World has received a fresh coat of paint! Notably the skybox - which looks absolutely gorgeous.

Merch Pets Backend

  • Merch Pets (plushy pets) no longer read from a database. Pet ownership info will now appear instantly.

Updates released in 2021 (by month)

This table below shows all updates that had been released in 2022. There have been 14 updates in 2021.

Update Description Release Date (2022)
1 Fantasy Update (Part 1) August 8th
2 Fantasy Update (Part 2) August 15th
3 Hellish Update August 25th
4 Heaven Update August 29th
5 Travelling Merchant Update September 4th
6 Space Update September 18th
7 Steampunk Update October 2nd
8 Trading Plaza Update October 16th
9 Halloween Update October 23rd
10 Hallowvember Update November 2nd
11 Aliens Update November 13th
12 Bank Update December 4th
13 Christmas Update (Part 1) December 18th
14 Christmas Update (Part 2) December 24th



Christmas Event Quests

  • Complete a series of quests for HUGE rewards including Gingerbread, Diamonds, Boosts, and even an exclusive Sleigh Hoverboard! Can you complete all the quests and score the hoverboard?


  • You can now unlock different hoverboards! In total, 8 new hoverboards have been added to the game! This includes the Bling Hoverboard, VIP Hoverboard, Rainbow Hoverboard, and more!
  • You can access this menu by selecting the hoverboard as normal (even if you don't own the gamepass!)

Super Magnet Gamepass

  • After some consideration, I've added the Super Magnet Pass! This pass will make coins and lootbags fly at you - no matter where you are! Great for AFKing. It's available for 400 Robux if you feel inclined!

New Menu Buttons

  • The menu buttons received an uplift! Let me know what you think.

Candy Canes

  • Candy Canes can now be found all over the map! Break them for tons of gingerbread!

[Limited Time] Christmas Egg

  • Try your luck out on the Limited Time Christmas Egg! Feeling extra lucky? There's a chance you can get the Huge Santa Paws pet - which will never be obtainable again!
  • Only available for the next few days!


Double Gingerbread

  • Gingerbread has received yet another buff and has been doubled for everyone! Enjoy!

More SFX

  • SFX has been added to collecting bank interest, earning boosts, and more!

Health Scaling

  • Gingerbread Chests, Diamond Presents, and Candy Canes will now scale their health based on their spawn location!

More Lootbags

  • Get even more lootbags now when breaking chests!

Huge Festive Cat Buff

  • The Huge Festive Cat drop rate has been tripled! Good luck!


3x Gingerbread Event

  • 3x Gingerbread Event due to popular demand.


Christmas Event

  • Time to get into the holiday spirit! A brand new world is available only for a Limited Time. You can access the limited time Christmas Event world using a cannon in the Spawn World.


  • With the Christmas Event comes a brand new limited time currency - Gingerbread! You can earn gingerbread just by playing normally. Spend it on the limited time eggs!

4 New Eggs

  • Four limited time eggs have been added, including:

- Jolly Egg (+ Gold Version)
- Gingerbread Egg (+ Gold Version)
- Christmas Tree Egg (+ Gold Version)
- Egg of Many Gifts

23 New Pets

  • Almost two dozen new cuddly pets have been added to the game! This includes 3 new exclusive pets, 3 new Mythicals, and a new hatchable Huge pet!

(Good luck hatching the Huge Festive Cat! You'll need it.)

Festive Map

  • Grab your winter coats, it's snowing! The map has been given a holiday makeover. This includes the Trading Plaza. Make sure to keep your pets warm!

Santa Paws Gifts

  • Every so often, Santa Paws will drop off gifts for everyone in the server! Gifts can range from diamonds, gingerbread, and even boosts! (There is no limit on how many gifts you can receive.)

Giant Gingerbread Chest

  • Every 15-30 minutes a Giant Gingerbread Chest will spawn in a random world! Harvest it for tons of Gingerbread!

Festive Lootbags

  • Lootbags have a chance to spawn paired with a festive lootbag! Festive lootbags give tons of Gingerbread! There is also a very small chance a festive gift will spawn, too!


Unequip All Button

  • The day has finally arrived!!! You all asked, you received. You can now unequip all pets. Simply equip your best pets and click again to unequip all. Enjoy! :)

Pet Icon Loading

  • Pet Icons now have a loading animation! Pretty necessary now that there are hundreds of unique pets.

Coin Selecting Changes

  • Selecting coins has been buggy for a while now. This isn't because I'm unable to fix it... actually, I did fix it - but had to revert it quickly after lots of backlash. Apparently people use these bug(s) to AFK farm. I decided I want to fix it permanently anyways. So it's fixed.

Boost Calculations

  • Boosts (including the friends boost) now calculate correctly for rewards.


3x Lucky Event

    • Since the Christmas Event is delayed to December 18, Triple Luck was enabled.


The Bank

Introducing: The Bank!

  • With a Bank account, you can:
    • Store large amounts of pets & diamonds
    • Share cross-server with friends (& people you trust)
    • Earn daily interest on Diamonds
  • It currently costs 7.5m Diamonds to open an account. Accounts start at Tier 1 and can currently be upgraded to Tier 7. Higher tier = better perks.
  • Anyone can invite you to their bank. Currently, you can be apart of 5 banks at once. Tier 7 banks can have up to 6 members, each.
  • To open an account, look for the Bank Building. You can find it in every world except the Tech World.. because of lighting bugs (will fix soon)

From Preston:

  • I plan to do a lot with this. Think: Bank leaderboards, clan battles (with super exclusive rewards), and much more.
  • I'll be closely monitoring the Bank after release. Hopefully there shouldn't be any downtime... but expect it sporadically for the first week because these things happen when you have 500,000 players join at once.

Loot Bags

  • Farming coins & diamonds isn't... enjoyable. End-game currently consists of sitting AFK on a big chest. And waiting. For hours.
  • While I don't want to remove this mechanic... I also don't want to promote it either. Players that want to actively interact with the game should be given better rewards. After a month of ideas, this is the solution I came up with:
  • Lootbags will randomly pop out while you gather coins. (They also pop out of chests, too.) Lootbags contain large quantities of Coins, Diamonds, and even Boosts! There's a chance you might even find a rare lootbag which contains VERY good rewards. See for yourself, and let me know! I'll actively be making changes based on feedback.

Featured Pets Refresh

  • Featured Pets have been refreshed! Get them while you can!


Mystery Merchant Changes

  • No, you aren't crazy. Mystery Merchant hasn't been showing up in lots of servers. This is HOPEFULLY fixed. Also - I've changed the discount from 20% to 35%.

Rewards Rewrite

  • I totally rewrote rewards. Again. But for real this time. I spent a LOT of time A/B testing this rewritten version with the original. Let me know if anything is wrong! Very excited to work with this system.

Rank / VIP Rewards

  • Both Rank and VIP rewards have been rebalanced. A lot more Diamonds. Glittering has been buffed too.

Interface Upgrades

  • What's a PSX update without a bunch of interface uplifts?

General Polishing + Stability

  • I spent a lot of time cleaning up the codebase and polishing things on the front-end. That means better experience for everyone. Wooo!



Trading Disabled (25 Nov)

  • Due to a Roblox glitch, trading is disabled.
    • This glitch duped pets in trades.


Trading Enabled (27 Nov)

  • The glitch has been fixed, trading is enabled.


3x Diamonds Event

  • No update, so triple diamonds event!


Alien Lab + Alien Forest

  • Two new areas have been added to the Tech World! The Alien Lab & the Alien Forest. Totally free-handed these. I think they turned out pretty sick :)

Giant Alien Chest

  • What's a new area without another Giant Chest? This chest carries a pretty hefty price-tag, though. You can access it through the new Alien Forest area. It also has a teleport.

Aliens (18 New Pets)

  • Aliens have invaded Pet Simulator X! Lots of furry little friends have been added including 2 new mythicals, & 3 new exclusives!

Three New Eggs

  • New pets = new eggs! The Alien Egg, Martian Egg, and Planet Egg have been introduced, including their gold variants. Prices will be adjusted over the weekend. Happy hatching!

NFTs (Huge Pegasus Pets)

  • We just launched experimental Pet Simulator X NFTs! We are kicking it off with a dozen Huge Pegasus Pets - the only 12 in the world. Owners of NFTs can link their MetaMask wallet to their Roblox UserId here and use the pets in-game immediately! The starting auction ends on 11/16 at 2pm CST. You can [bid here.

Sounds cool.. but what are NFTs?

  • NFTs are like the Pets in your inventory. The difference? You actually own them. Yeah sure, but what does that actually mean? I own my pets already, right?

Sort of. Not really.

Pets are owned by Roblox (and by extension, myself). It's stored on their servers. That's the fundamental difference - NFTs are decentralized. That's a fancy word for it's yours. I can't take them away from you. Neither can Roblox. They are yours. You can do whatever you want with them.

Like all emerging tech though, NFTs have some problems, but also future solutions. I encourage you to do your own research and look into NFTs with an unbiased perspective. There is a lot of untapped potential in this space. Also, please bear in mind: this is an experiment. We're just having fun and seeing what happens. There is no guarantee we will drop more of these in the future. These might be the only ones to ever mint. Excited to see what happens!


Halloween Event Over

  • The Halloween Event has ended! Halloween Upgrades have been saved and carried over. I'll add some way to view them in the near future.

Auto Delete Options

  • You can now toggle off any rarity using Auto Delete! Not sure why this was requested so much.. but it was easy to add, so why not?

Diamond Cap Increase

  • Diamond cap has been increased from 1bn to 25bn! This is in anticipation for something really, really cool I'm working on. Stay tuned.

Interface Upgrades

  • Continued to make cosmetic and QOL changes to the interface to give the best experience as possible to all platforms. Let me know what you think!

Tech World Changes

  • The lighting and skybox has been adjusted in the Tech World. Also made some other misc. visual changes.

Chemical + Lab Eggs

  • These eggs have been moved over to the new Alien Lab area (previously Steampunk Chest).


  • I made a bunch of balancing adjustments throughout the game. Let me know if anything feels totally off.

  • This update was supposed to drop on Saturday (the 30th)... and Roblox had an unexpected 3 day outage. I wasn't even able to work on the game. So, yeah.. that happened. Either way, the 2nd part of the Halloween Update is here!
  • The Halloween Event will be prolonged until the 13th.
  • Added

    Double Candy

    • Candy has been doubled for the remainder of the event! Enjoy!

    Spooky Upgrades

    • Spend all of your extra Candy on limited time event upgrades including Mythical Pets Chance, Better Re-Enchants, and even More Candy! These upgrades (excluding the More Candy upgrade) will prolong even after the event - so make sure you grab as many upgrades as you can before the 13th!

    Mystery Merchant

    • Every midnight and midday (12:00am/12:00pm UTC time) the Mystery Merchant will appear temporarily in all servers! This merchant will sell pets at an 80% discount! You can find it in the cave (Spawn World) and Trading Plaza.

    Huge Pumpkin Cat

    • Since lots of players already have dark matter mythicals I thought I'd add a Huge Pumpkin Cat to the Cursed Egg! It's extremely hard to get and will never be obtainable again after this event. Good luck!

    Giant Present Event

    • The Giant Present will now randomly spawn around the game every 20-30 minutes (similar to the Giant Pumpkin). All players will be notified when it spawns. Catch one for some free Diamonds!


    Reward Overhaul

    • The backend coin breaking / reward code has been completely overhauled. What this means for you:
      • Pet Enchantments now work for all coin rewards (this is big)
      • Upgrades now apply to all coin rewards
      • More coins end-game
      • Diamonds are dispersed more accurately
      • Much more satisfying
      • Significantly better for performance
    • Some players will be earning as much as 10x more coins/diamonds then before. Let me know what you think!

    Cursed Egg Buff

    • I woke up this morning and felt pretty good so I decided to re-buff the Cursed Egg. You're welcome!

    Cannon Animation

    • Your character no longer does a pancake out of cannons.

    Interface Improvements

    • Lots of UI has been improved. Mobile players will definitely notice the pet drop-down being easier to read as it no longer clips off the screen! Other misc changes include the upgrades interface, gate text/icons, & more.

    Chest Memory Leak

    • I think I finally fixed that one really large memory leak with farming chests. Let me know if it still happens.

    Cheaper Traveling Merchant

    • The Traveling Merchant prices have been adjusted again. Pets are 50% cheaper now! I'll be tweaking it as time goes on.

    Dark Matter Animation

    • Dark Matter pets now have a world animation!

    Coin Break Animation

    • The coin breaking animation has been adjusted to fit the size of coins & large chests. Definitely want to make this look a little bit cooler for huge chests. This works for now.

    Pet Collection Unobtainable Pets

    • Certain pets shouldn't be visible from the Pet Collection because they are unobtainable. They are now hidden.

    - (October 24, 2021


    Cursed Egg

    • Nerfed the chances of hatching Epic or rarer Pets and increased the chance of hatching the Rare pet.
    • Decreased the price of the egg from 666,000 to 525,000 Candy.



    Halloween Event

    • It's time to get spoOoOoKy... hop in a cannon to the new limited time Halloween Event world! Anyone can access this world - there is no cost or level requirement!


    • TRICK-or-TREAT! Candy has been added as a limited time currency! You can get candy from all types of coins just by playing normally, for free!

    New Eggs

    • Three new eggs are available for a limited time! The pumpkin egg, eerie egg, and the cursed egg (and all of their golden variations except the cursed egg). You will need a hefty amount of candy to hatch these eggs.

    New Pets

    • 13 new pets including a new mythical were added! Can you hatch them all?

    Giant Pumpkins

    • Giant Pumpkins will randomly spawn around each world every 10-15 minutes! Crack one open for a ton of candy!

    Halloween Makeover

    • Both the Trading Plaza and the Spawn World have been given a spooky makeover! Can you find every Jack O'Lantern?

    Trading Plaza Overhaul

    • I remade the trading plaza from the ground up because it was too large. I think it's a lot cozier now. Let me know what you think! Definitely going to be adding more to this soon.

    (By the way: the Giant Diamond Present will be added back... soon. It unfortunately requires a pretty big system rewrite to support 30+ players without performance issues.)


    Adjusted Currency Interface

    • Currency interface took up a lot of space so I shrank it a bit. Should help especially with having a new currency.

    Exclusive Shop

    • I made some changes to the exclusive shop. Biggest thing you'll notice is the 15 pets equipped has been rebranded to show what will actually happen if you buy it. I think some players were confused.

    Adjusted Music Volume

    • Some music tracks were very quiet. Now they are super loud. Just kidding.


    Trading Plaza

    • Introducing the Trading Plaza! Trade (and voice chat) with up to 30 players at once! Currently, you can use every machine in the game here. This will be the future hub for events + more!
    • Currently, it costs 1,000,000 Diamonds to unlock this world permanently. Boosts are also paused while here. I plan to do a lot with this world, so stay tuned...

    (NOTE: Voice Chat is only enabled for certain users at this time. Not sure when this restriction will be raised, but hopefully very soon.)

    New Eggs

    • As promised, two new eggs have been added! Both the Lab Egg and Chemical Egg are purchasable in the Tech World. You must have the Steampunk Chest area unlocked.

    New Pets

    • 10 new pets have been added including the brand new Mythical Dominus Alienus.

    Giant Diamond Present

    • Passively earn diamonds by AFK farming the Giant Diamond Present with your friends in the Trading Plaza!

    Trading Additions

    • Search and friend filtering has been added to the Trading window! More to come soon.


    New Music

    • Two new music tracks have been added! Gotta keep things fresh.

    Machine Interface QOL

    • You can no longer view pets that are not eligible to use in machines. Cleaner interface = happier eyes.

    Merch Deleting

    • Some of you were deleting merch pets. Why??? Stop doing that.

    Pog Pets Collection

    • Pog pets have been added to the Pet Collection! Oops..



    • Countdown activated for the following update, shown above the fountain at the Shop biome.


    Steampunk Area

    • What comes after a dark alien-techy area? Steampunk, of course! This area also includes a side area - where you can find the new Giant Steampunk Chest!

    2 New Eggs

    • Two new eggs have been added to the Tech Shop! The Steampunk Egg, and the Mechanical Egg. Both require the new Steampunk Area.

    15 New Pets

    • A lot of pets were packed in this update, including the new Mythical Blimp Dragon and 3 new exclusive pets!

    New Ranks

    • Two new ranks have been added! Definitely having to get a bit creative now, haha.

    Pet Collection Tier 5

    • You can now achieve Pet Collection Tier 5! That's a total of 5 possible extra pet equip slots. It won't be easy... as of now you need to collect 650 pets which is shy of every pet in the game. Good luck..!

    Revamped Boosts Interface

    • The boosts interface received some love this update. It's more compact, visually appealing, and even shows labels for each boost!

    Friends Boost

    • Playing with friends? You now get a +20% coins boost for every friend in your server!
    • This stacks so 4 friends will effectively double your coins output.

    More Achievements

    • Lots of achievements were added! Some of these will definitely take a while.

    15 Pets Equipped

    • It's back! But this time it's sticking around. After popular request, 15 pets equipped is now a permanent item in the exclusive shop! Enjoy!


    Legendary Pets Buff

    • Legendary pets are now over 10x more likely to be hatched from eggs!

    Egg Opening Changes

    • The egg opening UX was super sloppy and received some visual changes. I plan to overhaul the entire animation at some point - but this should make things look better in the meantime.

    Leaderboard Rounding

    • Numbers were getting too big on the leaderboard so they are now rounded, like everything else. Let me know if it's too rounded and I can change it accordingly.

    Interface Scaling

    • Some more changes were made to interface scaling. Mobile players will notice the most prominent change being the size of notifications.

    The Boosts Pack Changes

    • The Boost Pack price has been reduced from 1099 robux to 999 robux.

    Fan Art Updated

    • Fan Art has been updated with tons of new artwork! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to make fan art. Y'all are awesome :)



    2x Coins Event

    • No update this Saturday - so enjoy a double coins event! Have a great weekend everyone! :)


    • A countdown (like was added before), is added to let players know when will the update come.


    • Boost Bundle is decreased to 999 robux. (Included in Update 7)

    UI Changes

    • Compacted the Exclusive Shop GUI
    • Made the currency text less bold.


    Tech World

    • Launch off to space and visit the brand new Tech World! This includes a brand new currency, Tech Coins! Currently there are two areas in the Tech World: Tech City and Dark Tech. This will be expanded in future updates.
    • You can travel to the Tech World via the hidden entrance located in the Glacier area in the Spawn World. You can also find the (AFK) Giant Tech Chest here!

    Dark Matter Pets

    • Dark Matter Pets have made a return from the original Pet Simulator! Dark Matter is one step above rainbow pets - making them the most coveted pets you can own because they are insanely strong. So... how do you get your hands on these pets?
    • Dark Matter Pets are forged using the Dark Matter Machine. You will need at least one rainbow pet. Unlike the Golden/Rainbow machine, pets take a certain amount of time to incubate and you can't lose them. The more rainbow pets you put in, the less time it takes. Only 6 pets can be incubated at a time.
      1 Pet = 5 days
      6 Pets = 30 minutes
      (Alternatively, if you are impatient, you can incubate instantly for Robux)

    4 New Eggs

    • Four brand new eggs have been added! The Metal Egg, Tech Egg, Titanium Egg, and Dark Tech Egg. This includes their golden variations.

    22 New Pets!

    • Almost two dozen pets have been added! This includes 3 mythicals and 3 exclusive pets. Which one is your favorite? Can you collect them all?

    Magic Eggs Gamepass

    • Every egg you open has a chance to hatch a golden or even a rainbow pet! Yes - that even includes Legendary and Mythical pets! You can purchase this pass in the exclusive shop for R$1,299. (price isn't final)

    Triple Damage Boost

    • A brand new boost has been added - the Triple Damage Boost! This boost will triple the damage output of all of your pets, temporarily!

    The Boost Pack

    • You can also, for a limited time, purchase The Boost Bundle which gives you a bulk variety of boosts, for a great price!

    New Achievements

    • A couple of new achievements have been added, including Dress Up which rewards you with a brand new exclusive pet! I wonder how you unlock it?

    More Settings

    • Added two new settings: Send Pets & Hide Boosts. You can now send all of your pets at once to a coin!

    Pet Collection Tier 4

    Tier 4 has been added to Pet Collection! Earn another free Pet Equipped slot! Dark Matter pets have also been added to Pet Collection.


    Pets Refresh

    • All pets received a visual refresh! They appear brighter, more vibrant, and in some cases have unique lighting effects! Works on all graphic settings.

    Rank Reward Changes

    • Rank rewards have been... way too good. Especially since it's now easier than ever to get the max rank. Some players even have 100's of boosts saved up... which wasn't intended. So I re-balanced the rewards. Sorry :(

    UIStroke Implemented

    • Roblox finally implemented UIStroke which means the interface looks crisper and performs a LOT better. I personally experienced over a +50% performance boost. Yes, you read that right, +50% faster performance. Might've also fixed crashing. Super happy with this! Thanks Roblox :)

    UI/UX Changes

    Lots of UI/UX changes:

    • Button animations for desktop players
    • Teleport window splits up teleports by category
    • Animations for high pet rarity
    • Exclusive shop window gets taller based on screen resolution
    • Coin health now scales to the size of the coin (like giant chests)
    • Rewards and coin health rounded to help readability
    • Inventory grid view now scales by resolution
    • Vendor billboards (the $$$ signs) no longer hover over everything
    • Rainbow animation framerate is no longer locked at 60hz

    Fuse Machine Changes

    • The fuse machine's algorithm has been changed! Specifically, pet variations (golden, rainbow) are handled significantly better. Give it a try!

    Diamond Prices

    • It's pretty clear Diamonds weren't worth purchasing for robux. So I tripled the amount you receive for the same price.

    Removed Pog Egg

    • The secret pog egg has now been removed :(

    15 Pets Equipped Offsale

    • 15 Pets Equipped is now offsale. Congrats to those who got it!



    • Added countdown for the next update above the fountain at the Shop biome.


    4 new pets (Including Pog Cat)

    • Knock knock! The Pog Cat is finally obtainable.
    • This new secret limited egg hatches 4 new pets including the Pog Cat!

    2x Coins event continued

    • Continuation of the 2x Coins event from the previous week.


    • Best Friend Enchant will no longer deal infinite damage when being the only pet in the inventory, it deals just one damage now!


    Traveling Merchant

    • The Traveling Merchant will occasionally appear with three distinct high-level pets for sale! Rainbow Mythical pets are included in this! However, it is not inexpensive. These creatures will cost you a "significant amount" of Diamonds! Some pets also need a certain level of respect. Doing more business with the Traveling Merchant will increase your Respect Level.

    Twitter Rewards

    • Follow us on Twitter? * Would you want to follow us on Twitter? Awesome! You can now get compensated for it. You may earn a permanent +50% Rank XP increase for "'FREE"' by verifying the account you're following us with! Verified players will also receive a sick chat tag! This menu may be accessed through the Spawn world's new billboard.

    2x Coins Event

    • From now until the end of the week, all coins (including Fantasy Coins) are doubled - for FREE! Have a great weekend! :)


    Boost Icons

    • The boost interface has been given a facelift! It now appears to be really cool.

    Ultra Lucky Buff

    • Instead of lasting 10 minutes, the Ultra Lucky boost now lasts 15 minutes.

    Trade Interface Changes

    When both players are ready, just the pets you're exchanging will be shown. Should be a big assistance to players that have a lot of pets.


    • Fixed clipping on active boosts interface for mobile players
    • Filled a hole in the beach area with sand
    • Fixed shortened numbers showing incorrectly
    • Pet Index progress bar math tweaked
    • Other random bug fixes



    Pet Collection

    • Starting with this version, the Pet Collection Machine maintains track of "every" pet you've ever had. You may also examine all of the pets in the game, even those that you "haven't" gathered - as well as all of their variants!
    • The best thing is that as you build your collection, you'll be able to gain FREE Pet Equipped spaces! You can now earn up to "'+3 Pets Equipped"' indefinitely!
    • The Pet Collection Machine may be found in both worlds. Have a good time gathering! :)

    Heaven Island

    • Take a walk through the clouds! Includes a second new region, Heaven's Gate, where the huge Grand Heaven Chest may be found! Are your pets capable of breaking it...?

    13 New Pets

    • These are some of the "coolest" pets that have been added to the game thus far. The Empyrean pets, in particular! A new Mythical pet has been added as well, as is customary. "Three new Exclusive Pets are included."

    15 Pets Equipped Has Returned

    • I've had a few mails enquiring about the 15 Pets Equipped pass. There are several messages. As a result of popular demand, it's been reintroduced to the Exclusive Shop for a "Limited Time"! To make it fair for the initial customers, the price has been raised from "1,399 robux" to "1,799 robux". This is a limited-time offer, so if you want it, "grab it now!"

    Mythical Hunter Pass

    • This pass greatly improves your chances of hatching a Mythical pet! There's a reason it's so expensive!


    Significant Balancing Changes

    I took a look at balancing after some discussion and decided I needed to make some pretty big changes. Specifically:

    1. Buffed area multipliers in the Fantasy World by a lot
    2. Slashed prices for the portals
    3. Lowered prices of some eggs
    4. Buffed chances of hatching Mythicals
    5. Adjusted the gap between coins and giant area chests in the Fantasy World

    Basically, things got cheaper and coins are easier to get. Let me know if it feels better!

    Exclusive Vanity Appearance

    • Exclusive pets' appearances were updated because they were the same as Legendary pets'. It's now purple!

    World Load Animation

    • When you load into a world, there is now a charming little animation. Yay!

    Interface Changes

    • A slew of other tweaks to the user interface. Big numbers, in particular, are cleaner in inventories, pricing, and other areas.


    • Fixed a memory leak caused by UI Stroke on pets
    • Improved speed by adding culling to pet UI effects
    • Fixed pet particles being positioned improperly during the egg hatching animation
    • Fixed several saving exploits * Fixed gates simply... breaking...?

    Just a heads up: this is a tiny update. I recently returned from vacation and needed to get an update out as soon as possible, so I divided the content in two. This week, I plan to release another update, most likely on Sunday. Until then, we're saving the best for last - so stay tuned!

    Pet Simulator X plushies have been announced, if you haven't already seen them! These will be available in a very limited quantity, and will go on sale very shortly! The BIG Games Twitter feed will keep you up to date. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on these.


    Hell Island

    • A whole new island, brimming with chests after you complained that there weren't enough the last time. So there you have it! Have fun :)

    10 New Pets

    • There are several new pets, including a new Mythical pet! "There are also three new Exclusive Pets."

    Auto Hatch Pass

    • Want to AFK open eggs? Now you can! This took a lot more work than I anticipated but it's a huge QOL boost, for sure. Let me know if you want anything else added to this!

    Lucky Pass

    • Highly requested! Purchasing this pass will give you a permanent Lucky boost - about half as good as the Super Lucky boost. This stacks of course.

    New Rank

    • Added a new & extremely hard to obtain rank. Rewards are very plentiful if you are able to achieve it! Can you guess what it is?


    Dupe Patch

    Let's talk about this for a second. While I was on vacation a couple things happened:

    1. Despite my best efforts, the duping situation (especially mythical pets) became very severe
    2. An exploit allowed players to essentially create some of the best pets in the game out of thin air. I didn't have internet for a couple days so I couldn't fix it. That sucked.

    Here's what I did about it:

    1. Totally revamped the trading code from the ground up
    2. Switched over to Datastore v2. This should alleviate (or totally fix) the de-sync that caused duping in the first place
    3. Tracked and banned top players that were using these exploit(s) before they were patched
    4. Reverted most duped diamonds
    5. Banned most dupe stash accounts
    6. Setup better systems to monitor suspicious activity

    If all goes well, duping should be patched. For good. I'll be closely monitoring the situation. This has taken up the majority of my time for the past 3 weeks so hopefully I can relax a bit.

    Auto Delete Indicators

    • Lots of people were complaining their pets were just 'vanishing' after last update... so I added some pretty obvious indicators if you have Auto Delete enabled. Let me know if this helps!


    • Disabled MagicText which probably freed up a lot of performance. Oops
    • Fixed scrolling on the teleport menu
    • Fixed the Super Equip breaking the inventory
    • Patched a bug that caused the active boosts menu to lag the game
    • I made the area next to the glacier super expensive because I didn't want anyone to purchase it... yeah... nice. It's now impossible to purchase. Look what you made me do
    • Teleport shop button hover image is repaired
    • Fixed server notifications not working
    • Made some errors go away by asking very nicely


    Candy Island + Haunted Island

    • Two brand new areas have been added to the Fantasy World! Both can be accessed using the portals.

    15 New Pets

    • Over a dozen new pets have been added including a cupcake, unicorn, skeleton, and a few pets based on the original Pet Simulator! This includes 3 new Exclusive Pets

    2 New Eggs

    • The Rainbow Egg, Haunted Egg, and their gold variations have been added to the Fantasy World!

    Mythical Rarity

    • Mythical was added because apparently Legendary wasn't rare enough. Mythical pets are the only pets in the game with three enchantments including one guaranteed Unique enchantment. As of now, there is only 1 mythical pet. More to be added soon!

    Buying Teleports

    • One complaint I've been hearing a lot of is that "walking is annoying" or "pet simulator X is a walking simulator". Yes, apparently some players were hiking across the map to buy 4 eggs. Specifically F2P players. So starting now, you can purchase individual teleports for Diamonds! Once purchased, you can teleport there at any time, instantly. Teleport pass owners will continue to unlock teleports automatically, for free. The teleport pass has also been increased from 50 robux to 200 robux.

    Auto Delete

    • Cleaning up your inventory can be tedious after opening lots of eggs, so I added the option to automatically delete pets from egg hatching. You can access this via. the newly added Auto-Settings side menu. This is just the start of AFK tools which will be expanded upon in the next few updates.


    Inventory Super Equip

    • You can now equip the best pets in your inventory at a click of a button. Woo-hoo!

    Fan Art

    • Fan art has been added to the Spawn world! Join our Discord to submit your fan-art for a chance to have it appear in-game for everyone to admire! Thanks to everyone who submitted.

    Hatching Changes

    • Rare pets will now be shown in the front during egg hatching animations.

    15 Pets Equipped Offsale

    • 15 Pets Equipped is now offsale. Congrats to those who got it!

    Fantasy World Balancing

    • In some cases, coins rewards in the fantasy world have been doubled. Should feel a lot better now!


    • Fixed lag caused by the Enchanting/Fuse menus not clearing.
    • High level pets don't hover behind you anymore.
    • Fixed coin operations freezing upon players joining.
    • World animations have culling now which should significantly help performance for some users.
    • You can no longer fuse exclusive pets... why were you guys doing this
    • Saving fixes.
    • Duping patches.
    • A lot more.


    24 New Pets

    • Lots of new cuddly friends have been added to the game waiting to be added to your collection! This includes 3 new Exclusive Pets and 1 achievement pet.

    Fantasy World (part of it)

    • Travel to the fantasy world and discover new areas, eggs, pets, & more! Areas are split into several floating islands and can be traveled to via portals! A lot more to be added here over next week, so stay tuned. As of now, there are 3 new areas and 3 new eggs.

    Enchanting Circle

    • Enchant your pet(s)... at a cost! You can access the enchanting circle in the Fantasy World. Currently, it costs 10,000 diamonds per use. Bear in mind that existing enchantments will be overwritten.

    New Enchantments

    • Fantasy Coins: Pet earns more Fantasy Coins
    • [UNIQUE] Glittering: Pet randomly spawns diamonds
    • [UNIQUE] Magnet: Pet can collect orbs for you
    • [UNIQUE] Royalty: Pet does +100% damage, earns +100% more Diamonds, and moves +50% faster

    (Unique enchantments are super rare!)

    15 Pets Equipped Pass

    • Equip up to 15 pets at once! You must have the 8 pets equipped pass first before purchasing. (Available in the Exclusive Shop for a limited time only!)

    More Achievements

    • New achievements have been added! For the completionists.

    New Max Rank

    • Max rank is now "Impossible" because apparently godlike wasn't hard enough lol.


    Inventory Updates

    • It's now a lot easier to see pets that were recently added to your inventory.

    New Settings

    • Added Pet Database and Egg Skip settings.

    Global Leaderboard Scrolling

    • You can now scroll to see the top 100 players instead of the top 10! You are welcome!

    Twitter Code Safeguards

    • Lots of players were creating alt accounts to redeem Twitter Codes more than once. I know it was fun.. but it wasn't intended. You now must be at least Basic rank to redeem Twitter Codes.

    Exclusive Pets Tradeable

    • The original Exclusive Pets are now tradeable! This trend will continue for any Exclusive Pets that go offsale.

    Currency Cap

    • The currency cap has been raised from 99bn to 999bn.


    • Egg Skip is fixed on Console. Sorry about that!
    • Disabled Player-to-Player collisions.
    • You can no longer send trades to players with already pending trade invites.
    • Adjusted distance from pets to coins while farming.
    • Fixing the trading window going to the moon if a server was empty.
    • Players should pop up on the trading list properly now.
    • World prompts no longer pop up if you have inventory open
    • Fixed local leaderboard displaying the same player(s) more than once
    • Fixed boost timers freezing
    • Fixed pet nicknames being cut off
    • You must now wait a minute before trading after joining. This is a safeguard to prevent exploits.
    • Fixed trade window visual glitches
    • Fixed server->client desync
    • Patched trading exploits
    • Fixed orb despawn time
    • Pets now teleport with you instead of flying from across the map
    • Eggs no longer face the opposite direction during hatching animations


    • The April Fools Event was the shortest lasting event ever, lasting for just 24 hours. It also contained the first temporary Gamepass (the Infinite Pet Equip Gamepass), purchasable within the event and lasts for 72hrs.
    • January 2021 and February 2021 had the least released updates (with only 1 update each).
    • Update 10 was supposed to be released on October 30th, 2021 but due to the 2021 Roblox Outage, it was delayed.
    • Update 7 was supposed to be released on September 25th, 2021 but due to Preston moving to new place, it was delayed.
    • Update 6 was supposed to be released on September 1st 2021 but was delayed for a week to improve the update.
    • Update 3 and Update 4 were released the same week (August 25 to August 29, 2021)
    • From Preston: It's pretty clear that I'm no longer following that schedule from a couple updates ago... because it's pretty unsustainable, haha. Life happens. Going forward, updates will just come out whenever they are ready. Probably biweekly. Sometimes weekly. Always on Saturdays at 11am CST.
    • Update 1 was supposed to be released on August 6th, 2021 but was delayed for 2 days to improve the update.
    • In a post update, trading was disabled due to pet and gems duping scams.
    • Release icon was re-used after the April Fool's Update, due there was no post-update upcoming.

    Pet Simulator X Icons

    This gallery contains all game icons in every update