The Tier 17 Egg was added in Update 9.

This egg costs 26,500,000 Moon Coins.

Opening the egg gives you variety of different Dominus pets. These pets include:

Pet Name Rarity Chance
Dominus Pumpkin Basic 40%
Dominus Cherry Basic 40%
Dominus Noob Good 7%
Dominus Wavy Rare 5%
Dominus Headstack Rare 4%
Dominus Damnee Rare 2%
Dominus Rainbow Legendary 0.15%
Dominus Electric ?? 0.0035%
Dominus Huge ?? 0.000005%

Note: Rarity is based off of the pop-up menu when going near an egg/present. The "??" Rarity is also known as the "Godly" Rarity, since pets/hats in this category are much more challenging to obtain.

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