The Tier 15 Egg was added in Pet Simulator from Update 4.

This egg costs 2,375,000 Moon Coins. As of Update 6, it is the second most expensive egg on the Moon.

Inside the egg you will find either a Candy Corn, Candy Cane, Red Lollipop, Green Lollipop, Yellow Gummy Bear, Green Gummy Bear, Dark Candy Corn, Cookie, Rainbow, Ame Damnee, Domortuus, or one of their Rainbow counterparts.

Each pet has its own strengths and weaknesses, with the best being the Rainbow Domortuus.


Common: Candy Corn, Candy Cane

Uncommon: Green Lollipop, Green Gummy Bear, Yellow Gummy Bear, Red Lollipop

Epic: Dark Candy Corn, Cookie

Legendary: Rainbow, Ame Damnee

MYTHICAL: , Domortuus

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