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The Tech World is the third world of Pet Simulator X, and introduces the Tech Coin currency Tech-Cyborg Coin.png .


Name Biome No. Cost/Requirement Teleportation Cost Diamond (PSX).png Image
Tech Entry 21 7,500,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png 50,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Tech Shop 22 Default

(Tech Entry Unlocked)

65,000Diamond (PSX).png
Tech Shop4.jpg
The Backroom (Hacker Area) 22.5 10,000,000,000Tech-Cyborg Coin.png and 500,000Diamond (PSX).png
Tech City 23 Default

(Tech Entry Unlocked)

30,000Diamond (PSX).png
Dark Tech 24 50,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 30,000Diamond (PSX).png
DarkTech PSX.jpeg
Steampunk 25 625,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 30,000Diamond (PSX).png
Steampunk Chest 26 11,850,000Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 45,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Alien Lab 27 8,250,000Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 35,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Screenshot 2021-11-13 173106 alien lab.png
Alien Forest 28 62,500,000Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 40,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Screenshot 2021-11-13 175025 Alien Forest.png
Giant Alien Chest 29 2,500,000,000Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 50,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Glitch 30 550,000,000Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 50,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Glitch 679.webp
Hacker Portal 31 7,500,000,000Tech-Cyborg Coin.png 50,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Hacker Portal.png.webp


As of Update 7, the Tech World has 11 eggs:

Egg name Area Required Regular Image Regular Cost Tech-Cyborg Coin.png Golden Image Golden Cost Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Metal Egg Tech Entry Egg29.png 3,000 Egg29 golden.png 27,000
Tech Egg Tech Entry Egg28.png 10,500 Golden Tech Egg.png 94,500
Titanium Egg Dark Tech Area Titanium.png 32,500 Egg27 golden.png 292,500
Dark Tech Egg Dark Tech Area Dark Tech Egg.png 115,000 Dark Tech (Gold).png 1,035,000
Steampunk Egg Steampunk Area Steampunk Egg.png 475,000 Golden Steampunk Egg.png 4,285,000
Mechanical Egg Steampunk Area Mechanical Egg.png 1,650,000 Golden Mechanical Egg.png 14,850,000
Lab Egg Alien Lab Lab Egg PSX.png 5,000,000 Golden Lab Egg.png 45,000,000
Chemical Egg Alien Lab Egg33.png 12,500,000 Golden Chemical Egg.png 113,000,000
Alien Egg Alien Forest Alien eggg.png 32,500,000 Alien eggy (Golden).png 292,000,000
Martian Egg Alien Forest Martian eggy.png 90,000,000 Martian egg (Golden).png 810,000,000
Planet Egg Alien Forest Planet Egg.png 270,000,000 Golden Planet Egg.png 2,430,000,000
Glitch Egg Glitch
Glitch Egg.png
Golden Glitch Egg.png
Hacker Egg The Backroom (Hacker Area)
Hacker Egg.png
Golden Hacker Egg.png


  • Despite the fact that this world was called the Tech World, the update that introduced it was called the Space Update.
  • This world is most likely based off of Tech Valley.
  • Before Alien Update, the location Steampunk Chest would cost 75m Tech Coins.
  • Formerly, this was the only world that didn't had a Bank.
  • This world has the most Mythicals in Pet Simulator X.
  • The tech world has 66 pets, 67 if including the Huge Hacked Cat (Pet Simulator X).