The Starter Area is the first biome in the game. This is where you always spawn. The Egg Shop can be found behind the fountain located here. It is located before the Haunted Woods biome.


The Starter Area is surrounded by cartoon-style buildings along its sides. The floor of this biome is a green, grassy field. A fountain with coins that cannot be collected in it can be found at the start.

Coins and Chests

The coins and chest in the Starter Area are golden in color.

These are the stats of the coins and chest in this biome.

Coins Health
Tiny Coin 10
Coin 35
Stack Of Coins 150
Chests Health
Small Chest 500
Normal Chest 2,000
Omega Chest 9,000,000


  • In the trailer of game, the Creator (BuildIntoGames) posted a video with a Dog in Starter Area.
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