Space Dragon is a Super rare pet obtainable through the Tier 13 Egg.

It starts out with base stats of 9,000 Coin Collection and 2,500 Agility. It has a rarity of 4 stars.

The probability for getting Space Dragon is 1%, making it the rarest the among Tier 13 pets.


This pet can be made golden to achieve 27,000 Coin Collection and 7,500 Agility. This pet used to not be able to become gold until Update 10 as it was a reskin of Dragon.


Its rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal stats with 45,000 Coin Collection and 12,500 Agility.

Dark Matter

Its Dark Matter stats starts off with 15 times the normal stats with 63,000 Coin Collection and 37,500 agility.

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