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Last Updated: August 19th, 2021 by JuztHoney.
The Pet Simulator Wiki abides by many guidelines to keep this wiki as clean and accurate as it can be.


These rules must be followed at all times and will result in moderation action being taken when broken. All users, including staff, are responsible for their actions on the wiki and will receive punishment when they break these rules. The Wiki's staff enforce these rules.


  • All users must abide by FANDOM's TOU and Community Guidelines.
  • All users must be over the age of 13 to use our wiki and Discord and will be blocked until they are 13.
  • Using bots to farm edits or cause vandalism is not allowed and will get you reported to FANDOM and the Interwiki
  • Using ALT (Alternate) accounts to evade blocks or warnings is not allowed.
  • Impersonating any user to get on the staff's good side, evade blocks/warnings, spread misinformation, or harm their online character is not allowed. Do not impersonate...
    • Wiki editors or Roblox players
    • Public figures
    • FANDOM staff
    • Wiki staff
    • Roblox staff
    • Preston, or any BIG Games staff
  • These rules apply to all users of the wiki, including public figures and staff
  • While administrators and moderators do have special abilities, they do not own the wiki. A wiki is by the community for the community and can always remove an admin/mod by sending a petition to JuztHoney


  • Targeted harassment of any user is not allowed
  • Do not spam on another users message wall, discussions, or article comments
  • Do not threaten other users or staff
  • Using the platform to advertise anything, even if you don't own it, is not allowed

Content Policy

  • Any image or other media added onto the wiki must have a clear description and name on what it is
  • Any content published on the wiki must not be obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, homophobic, racist, or promote criminal activity
  • Biased information is not allowed as it spread misinformation
  • All article information should relate to Pet Simulator 1, 2, or X



  • Vandalism, or the act of removing content from page or adding damaging content, is STRICTLY forbidden
  • All edits must follow the copyright guidelines
  • Editing another user's profile page is disallowed unless to remove harmful content or content that violates the TOU, community guidelines, rules, or copyright guidelines.
  • Editing or posting for the sole purpose of getting badges or edits is not allowed as all edits should help contribute to the wiki

Page Creation

  • All pages must have content upon creation, writing "wip", "work in progress", or "new item" is not allowed and will be treated as spam
  • Duplicate pages are not allowed
  • Personal pages other than your profile page are not allowed

User Rights

Users may receive special rights from a bureaucrat or administrator that allow them to moderate or edit the wiki easier. List of User Rights Here is a complete list of rights that are used on the Pet Simulator Wiki:

  • Rollback: Allows them to easily undo edits to a page
  • Discussions Moderator: Allows them to moderate the discussions, article comments, and message walls
  • Content Moderator: Allows them to moderate wiki pages and article comments
  • Administrator: Administrators have the rights of all previous groups and are allowed to block users, edit the wiki styling, and grant and revoke Discussions Moderator rights
  • Bureaucrat: Bureaucrats have all the rights of the below groups (plus more) and can grant and revoke all rights from any user


Guidelines are basically the formatting and style guidelines of the wiki. These rules don't come with harsh punishments (to an extent) but are still required to be followed.


  • American English and correct grammar should be used at all times when creating or editing articles
  • Article name should be written as it appears in game, including punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors
  • Any text directly from the game or description should be directly copied and not be changed (including typos)
  • All content should be in a neutral tone, the wiki is for information and not opinions
  • Opinions should be left for article comments and the discussions page
  • Articles should always be in the third-person, not first-person
  • All information must be correct and verified directly from the game, the developers, the game's staff, or the game's social media

Layout guidelines

  • Every page should start with "The (insert page topic) is..."
  • For in-game items, the sentence should be completed with "a[n] (insert category)."
  • Game features should complete the sentence describing what they do or just with "a game feature."
  • If the specific item or feature was added in a topic, the update it was added in should be clearly stated
  • The first instance of the page's topic should be bolded
  • Trivial information should been attempted to be incorporated in the article but if not possible should be under a header named "Trivia"


Every Pet, Egg, and Biome should have an Infobox.

  • For Pet Simulator X Pets please use {{PetX|title1=PetName|image1=PetImage.png|caption1=PetCaption|rarity=PetRarity|egg=PetEgg|level=PetLevel|golden=PetGolden|rainbow=PetRainbow}}
  • For Eggs please use {{Egg|title1=EggName|image1=EggImage.png|caption1=EggCaption|cost=EggCost|description=EggDesc|available_pets=EggPets}}
  • For Biomes please use {{Biome|title1=BiomeName|image1=BiomeImage|caption1=BiomeCaption|name=BiomeName|number=BiomeNumber|cost=BiomeCost}}


Blocks are given out to a user when they break a rule that requires a block to be done. The length of a block varies depending on the situation.

  • Vandalism: Automatic 1 Month Block

Disputing a Block

To dispute a block, please contact a bureaucrat.

Wiki Staff Team

Wiki Staff Status Role
Juzthoneypfp.png JuztHoney
Hghjdijfjidkjdnjj.png Amwright13
MarshadowPhoto.png Roll7477
Thefatninjacat.jpeg TheFatNinjaCat
Theexcitedsquab.png TheExcitedSquab
Oldunclesam.png OldUncleSam
BillyPhoto.png BillyJoeTheThird
Content Moderators
ImGrindinAllDay.png ImGrindinAllDay
Maksolp.png Maksolp
Devilman.jpeg Devilman1234567890
WrothS.jpeg WrothS
Discussion Moderator 

Contact an Administrator+ if you see a user vandalizing or breaking any of the rules above.

If you believe a page should be deleted, contact a Content Moderator+.

Breaking rules can range from a warn or block, depending on which rules you have broken.