Note: This is a hat. No robux will be given!

The Robux Hat is a hat in the game added in Update 7, it is both Tier 5 and Tier 4, and gives your pets an additional 400,000 levels. The Robux hat is a neon green sign, saying R$, and emits green glowing Robux particles.

Its rarity is believed or used to be at 15% when the update first came out. The chances of getting it now is 0.05%, the same as the old rarity of the Ame Damnee.

Its rarity also changes with the Luck gamepass and Super luck gamepass, despite what people tell you. With both gamepasses, the chance of getting it is 1.15%. (0.15% higher than Dark Saturn.)


The Robux hat looks like the robux logo that is neon green, glows, and has the robux picture as is the same for particle effects. It also has little Robux symbols coming out of it.


  • This is the only hat that can be hatched from two different presents.
  • This is the best hat in the game as of Update 14.
  • It is officially the rarest hat to be obtained in the game.
  • This and Randolph are the only two items to be in two separate tiers at once.
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