Randolph is a pet found in Christmas Tier 3 and Christmas Tier 4.

The Randolph pet is an enlarged cube-shaped version of the Reindeer. It has a red nose and hovers in the air. The normal Randolph ranges from levels 7-9 million. The gold version is x3 the normal version and ranges from 21 to 27 million levels.

  • This pet's rainbow level is x5 the normal one and ranges from 51 to 60 million levels.
  • This pet's dark matter level is x15 the normal one and ranges from 139 to 155 million levels.


  • It is the second item to belong to more than one tier (the first being the Robux hat).
  • Randolph's name is a play on the name of the considerably more famous Rudolph.
  • Randolph also got its name by the SpongeBob Christmas Special, where after eating a mutated fruit cake, a fish suddenly starts wanting to sing "Randolph the Red-Nosed Seahorse", and a huge fight begins.
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