Not to be confused with the Rainbow pet.


Rainbow pets are a new mechanism added to Pet Simulator as of Update 5. When hatching an egg, there is a very low chance (0.5%) of the pet turning into a Rainbow pet. Rainbow pets can also be acquired by combining 7 Golden Pets of the same type.

A rainbow pet has 5 times the Coin Collection and Agility of any normal pet.

In contrast to golden pets, any pet can turn rainbow, even if it is a reskin. However, rainbow pets cannot be made golden. Rainbow pets can be turned into Dark Matter Pets by combining 5 Rainbow Pets of the same type.

Game Pass

  • The chance of getting a Rainbow Pet can be increased to 2.5% (1/40) by purchasing the Lucky Rainbow Pets Gamepass.
  • If you happen to have the cloning pass, only one of the pets would turn rainbow, while the other two pets will remain normal.
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