Not to be confused with Rainbow Pets.

Rainbow is a Tier 15 Egg added in the 9/2/2018 update.

The pet has very balanced stats, starting with 10,500 Coin Collection and 10,500 Agility. Its rarity is 4 stars.

The chance of getting it are 1%.


The stats of a Gold Rainbow are 31,500 Coin Collection and 31,500 Agility.


Interestingly, you can find a "Rainbow" Rainbow. which has 52,500 coin collection and 52,500 agility.

Premium Shop Version

You can buy a Rainbow for R$300 from the Premium shop. The premium shop version has identical appearance as the normal version. However, it only has 300 Coin Collection and 85 Agility. The premium shop version can also be made golden, with 900 Coin Collection and 255 Agility.


  • It is possible to see a faint original Rainbow look in gold rainbow's texture, although it is hard to spot.
  • Before Update 5, this pet in its gold variant was the most powerful pet in the game as the Mortuus cannot be turned gold.
  • The Golden Rainbow used to be the most powerful pet before Update 5 where the Rainbow Mortuus was released with a confirmed stat of 125,000 coin collection and agility!
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