The Premium shop is a page in Pet Simulator where you could buy pets and gamepasses for Robux. The page is accessible by pressing the yellow icon with a shopping cart on it. The pets provided either have alternatives that could be hatched, such as Rainbow, or ones that cannot be hatched (Such as Love dog)

Please keep in mind that the stats of these pets are different from their hatched counterparts

List of all pets that were once in the premium shop.

Pet Cost (Robux)
Angel R$ 299
C0RE R$ 3,589
Cyborg Dog R$ 129
Cyborg Dominus R$ 7,999
Demon R$ 750
Dominus Electric R$ 8,299
Dominus Empyreus R$ 8,999
Dominus Frigidus R$ 8,199
Dominus Messor R$ 5,999
Dominus Rainbow R$ 6,790
Domortuus R$ 10,999, R$

12,999 until the 10/19/18

Halloween update.

Dragon R$ 300
Electric Slime R$ 750
Fire King R$ 2,799
Immortuos R$ 1250
Hydra R$ 11,999
Lava Zebra R$ 650
Love Dog R$ 33
Noob R$ 89
Rainbow R$ 300
Skeleton Ghost (Halloween) R$ 4,399
Sorrow (Halloween) R$ 249
Space Dragon R$ 799
Tank R$ 129
Unicorn R$ 499
Willow Wisp (Halloween) R$ 439

Gamepasses are listed here


The Hydra is the best of all premiums, at a level of 1,000,000.

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