Color Variants

  • White Cat, Brown Cat, Orange Cat 
  • White Bunny 
  • White Dog
  • Green Snake, Purple Snake, Red Snake, Wavy Snake
  • Green Gummy Bear, Yellow Gummy Bear
  • Green Lollipop, Red Lollipop

Cherry Variants

  • Cherry Monkey 
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Dominus Cherry

Wavy Variants

  • Wavy Zebra
  • Wavy Tiger
  • Wavy Cheetah
  • Wavy Bee
  • Wavy Snake
  • Dominus Wavy

Electric Variants

  • Electric Slime
  • Electric Ghost
  • Dominus Electric

Lava Variants

  • Lava Zebra
  • Lava Dalmatian
  • Lava Turtle
  • Lava Watermelon

Space Variants

  • Space Dogs
  • Space Cat
  • Space Bunny
  • Space Dragon
  • Space Cyclops
  • Space Bear
  • Space Owl

Dark Variants

  • Dark Saturn
  • Dark Candy Corn

Dominus Variants

  • Dominus Frigidus
  • Dominus Empyreus
  • Dominus Messor
  • Dominus Partner
  • Cyborg Dominus
  • Dominus Pumpkin
  • Dominus Cherry
  • Dominus Noob
  • Dominus Wavy
  • Dominus Headstack
  • Dominus Damnee
  • Dominus Rainbow
  • Dominus Electric
  • Dominus Huge

Cyborg Variants

  • Cyborg Dominus
  • Cyborg Dragon
  • Cyborg Cat
  • Cyborg Dog

Gold Variants

  • To Obtain a Golden variant, you must combine 10 same type pets.
  • It's stats triple comparing to it's counterpart
  • All pets can be made gold as of Update 10

Rainbow Variants

  • To obtain a Rainbow Variant, you must be lucky as you have a 0.5% chance of your pet becoming rainbow when opening an egg
  • Alternatively, as of Update 10, you can collect 5 golden variants of a pet and convert them into a stronger rainbow variant.
  • It's stats multiply by 5 comparing to it's counterpart
  • All pets can be rainbow including re-skins. However, gold pets cannot be rainbow as they are not opened from an egg but instead already hatched pets combined together.
  • Now you can any rainbow by making 5 golden pets, that are the same, and make a rainbow!To be considered a variant, it must have more or equal to 2 pets (see electric), and it must have a regular counterpart (see cyclops)
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