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Punishments may be given out to users by a staff member for breaking a rule. To dispute a punishment, please leave a message on an active bureaucrat's wall.

Length Reasons
Low Severity
3 days Multiple warnings within the past 3 months OR
  • Advertising
  • Creating unregulated, unpermitted giveaways
  • Editing another user's profile page without their consent
  • Farming edits, posts, or leaderboard points
  • Minor vandalism
  • Spamming
  • Swearing
1 week(+) Multiple 3-day blocks OR
  • Attempting cross-trading
  • Attempted scamming
  • Continuing to advertise after having previously received a block
  • Excessive swearing (can range from 1w-1m based on staff judgement)
  • Mass spam (can range from 1w-1m based on staff judgement)
Medium Severity
1 month Multiple 1-week blocks OR
  • Harassment
  • Impersonation
  • Mass advertising
  • Moderate vandalism
  • Threatening other users
High Severity
3 months Multiple 1-month blocks OR
  • Derogatory comments based on race, sex, gender, religion, or any other protected category
Highest Severity
Indefinite Multiple 3-month blocks OR
  • Anarchy (mass vandalism/NSFW/targeted harassment)
  • Being under the age of 13, which violates Fandom's Terms of Service
  • Scamming other users
  • Using an alternate account in order to get around a block
  • Use of derogatory terms such as the n-word, regardless of race
  • Use of sockpuppet accounts to break rules

LAST UPDATED: February 22nd, 2022