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All users when editing must follow the below Article Formatting guidelines. This ensures the wiki looks well-presented, tidy, and orderly.


  • English and correct grammar should be used at all times when creating or editing articles
  • Article name should be written as it appears in game, including punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors
  • Any text directly from the game or description should be directly copied and not be changed (including typos)
  • All content should be in a neutral tone, the wiki is for information and not opinions
  • Opinions should be left for article comments and the discussions page
  • Articles should always be in the third-person, not first-person
  • All information must be correct and verified directly from the game, the developers, the game's staff, or the game's social media (no speculation of chances on pages)
  • The game the article focuses on should be in the title of the page. For example, a page for the Dog in Pet Simulator 2 hould be titled "Dog (Pet Simulator 2"

Layout Guidelines

  • Every page should start with "The (insert page topic) is..."
  • For in-game items, the sentence should be completed with "a[n] (insert category)."
  • Game features should complete the sentence describing what they do or just with "a game feature."
  • If the specific item or feature was added in a topic, the update it was added in should be clearly stated
  • The first instance of the page's topic should be bolded
  • Trivial information, if possible, should be attempted to be incorporated in the article under a header named "Trivia"


Every Pet, Egg, and Biome should have an Infobox.

  • For Pet Simulator X Pets please use {{PetX|title1=PetName|image1=PetImage.png|caption1=PetCaption|rarity=PetRarity|egg=PetEgg|level=PetLevel|golden=PetGolden|rainbow=PetRainbow}}
  • For Eggs please use {{Egg|title1=EggName|image1=EggImage.png|caption1=EggCaption|cost=EggCost|description=EggDesc|available_pets=EggPets}}
  • For Biomes please use {{Biome|title1=BiomeName|image1=BiomeImage|caption1=BiomeCaption|name=BiomeName|number=BiomeNumber|cost=BiomeCost}}

LAST UPDATED: April 6th, 2022

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