The Noob was introduced in Update 4. The Noob pet was able to be bought inside the Premium Shop for around 159 Robux. It was later removed. It has 4 Stars in rarity, and is decently hard to find now. The Noob is a ROBLOX noob.


It is mainly yellow with a blue stripe around it with a shortened old roblox logo on the blue stripe and green legs. It looks like what many consider, or used to consider, what a "Roblox Noob" looks like.


  • This pet is the first out of two pets with the "noob" skin, the other being the Dominus Noob.
  • This pet is valuable among collectors and can get people some good pets in exchange for it.
  • This Pet is like the Dominus Noob but it's not a dominus and rarer.
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