Mortuus (Pet Simulator 1) is also a feature of Pet Simulator 2.

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Mortuus is a Tier 12 Pet obtainable through a Tier 12 Egg. In terms of quality, it is stronger than all other regular pets (up to tier 15) and most of the golden pets. With both luck gamepasses, its rarity is raised to 0.23%.


This pet can be made golden to have stats of 150,000. This pet was previously unable to be made gold until Update 10.


Its rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal stats with 250,000-330,000 levels.


  • After rainbow pets were introduced in Update 5, the Rainbow Mortuus now boasts 125,000 Coin Collection and 125,000 Agility, beating golden Rainbow by over 15 times and was the undisputed best pet in all round. However, in Update 6, this pet was trumped by the C0RE SH0CK, and later, the Cyborg Dominus.
  • The name Mortuus could come from the mutation of Immortuos.
  • The chance of getting a Rainbow Mortuus is extremely low, having a 0.0005% chance of hatching it, or one in every 200,000 eggs. After purchasing all the lucky passes (Lucky Pass, Super Lucky Pass, and Rainbow Lucky Pass), the chances become 0.015% (Approximately one in every 6,666 eggs.)
  • This used to be the strongest out of the Immortuos family until it was kicked out of it's spot by Festive Immortuos, which is level 2-3 million.
  • Now is the second pet to have a giant version of it, first version was obviously the giant cat, now the giant mortuus.
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