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Moon Coins are a second type of currency exclusive to the Moon Biome. They can be earned by collecting coins and chests from the Moon Biome. Moon coins can also be purchased through the Premium Shop. They are much harder to collect than regular coins.

The amount of moon coins you earn from collection coins or chests varies depending on your coin collection stats of your pets. Having pets with a higher coin collection gives significantly more than ones with low coin collection.

Moon coins can be used to purchase the following:

  1. Eggs, Tier 13 to Tier 17
  2. Hat Gifts, Tier 5
  3. The Moderators said we would be able to convert coins to moon coins why not convert moon coins to snow coins

Biomes with Moon Coins

Moon Coin can be found in 5 Biomes. In order, they are namely:

  1. Moon Base
  2. Pink Planet
  3. Candy Land
  4. Tech Valley
  5. Dominus Shrine
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