Lord Of The Federation is a hat that you can give to your pet, being Tier 5. It has both 30,000 Coin Collection and Agility as of Update 10. It is a rare hat just like the Black Iron Domino Crown.

It is very similar, with similar names and appearance, to the Duke Of The Federation but it is blue, and is based off the actual limited hat on the Roblox catalog.

It has a rarity of 5 stars and the chance of getting this is approximately 1%.


The Lord of the Federation is a golden crown with sapphire jewels and a large golden-sapphire kite-shaped jewel on the front.


  • The Lord of the Federation has the same total stats as Black Iron Domino Crown.
  • The Lord of the Federation is the second rarest hat to get in the Tier 5 Present.
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