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The Dog is one of the starting pets.

Pets are a feature of Pet Simulator X. They collect coins and stay nearby you.

Spawn World
Egg Pets Cost
Cracked Egg DogCatBunnyWhite BunnyDalmatian 300 Coin (PSX).png
Spotted Egg CowPiggyChickenChickNoob 1,000 Coin (PSX).png
Wood Egg LambBearFoxMonkeyCorgi 4,500 Coin (PSX).png
Grass Egg SquirrelBlack BearRaccoonParrotTiger 12,500 Coin (PSX).png
Beachball Egg TurtleBlue FishGreen FishGoldfishHydra 35,000 Coin (PSX).png
Coconut Egg Ugly DucklingFlamingoDuckySharkKraken 110,000 Coin (PSX).png
Rock Egg GeckoElephantHappy RockGriffin 175,000 Coin (PSX).png
Geode Egg BatOrange GeckoBullImmortuusMortuus 375,000 Coin (PSX).png
Snow Egg Snow CatSnow DogDeerArtic FoxFrost Dragon 650,000 Coin (PSX).png
Ice Egg Polar BearWalrusSealPenguinSnowman 1,100,000 Coin (PSX).png
Icicle Egg Snow SquirrelSnow LeopardIce SlimeHuskyIcemortuus 1,900,000 Coin (PSX).png
Yeti Egg PuffinSnow RamCheerful YetiAngry Yeti 3,750,000 Coin (PSX).png
Cactus Egg Desert CatBobcatPantherLion 6,000,000 Coin (PSX).png
Spiked Egg Sand TurtleCamelArmadilloSlimeBlack Widow 9,250,000 Coin (PSX).png
Obsidian Egg Fire CatFire DogDragonFire HorsePhoenix 22,500,000 Coin (PSX).png
Magma Egg Hell FoxHell BatLava SlimeFlamortuusThree-Headed Dragon 80,000,000 Coin (PSX).png
Dominus Egg Dominus InfernusDominus FrigidusDominus EmpyreusDomortuus 1,000,000,000 Coin (PSX).png
Fantasy World
Egg Pets Cost
Enchanted Egg FroggyCyclopsEnchanted CatEnchanted ElephantPeacockEnchanted DeerFairy 7,500 Fantasy Coin.png
Relic Egg Green CobraPurple CobraGoblinCrocodileDinoKing CobraSphinx 95,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Samurai Egg PandaAxolotlWhite TigerRed PandaSamurai BullSamurai Dragon 235,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Rainbow Egg Cotton Candy LambRainbow FishRainbow SlimeCupcakeUnicorn 1,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Haunted Egg SkeleGhostReaperWillow WispShadow GriffinAgonyPhantom Wolf 3,500,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Hell Egg Hell ChickHell RockHellHoundHell SpiderDemonHound Of HadesWyvern Of Hades 10,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Heaven Egg Angel CatAngel DogDoveHeavenly PeacockPegasus 30,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Empyrean Egg Empyrean SnakeEmpyrean StallionEmpyrean FoxEmpyrean DragonAngelus 350,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Tech World
Egg Pets Cost
Metal Egg Cyborg CatCyborg DogCyborg BunnyCyborg Dragon 3,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Tech Egg Cyborg DuckyCyborg PandaCyborg MortuusCyborg Dominus 10,500 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Titanium Egg Cyber BunnyCyber RaccoonMetal SkullA-36 32,500 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Dark Tech Egg Cyber FoxRobotHappy ComputerTechno CatM-2 PROTOTYPEM-6 PROTOTYPE 115,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Steampunk Egg Toy MouseCat MagicianSteampunk OctopusSteampunk BatSteampunk WolfSophisticated Fox 475,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Mechanical Egg Ducky MagicianMining MoleSteampunk CrocodileSteampunk FishMechanical SpiderBlimp Dragon 1,650,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Lab Egg Reversed CatReversed DogStacked CatStacked DogStacked Dominus 5,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Chemical Egg Blurred BearBlurred AxolotlBlurred DominusBlurred AgonyDominus Alienus 12,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Alien Egg Bleebo the AlienMeebo the AlienNine Eyed LionMeebo in a Spaceship 24,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Martian Egg Gleebo the AlienAstronaut CatAlien AxolotlStar SurferAlien Parasite 62,500,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Planet Egg Jelly AlienAlien ArachnidRed FluffyBlue FluffyGalaxy Fox 173,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Glitch Egg Glitched CatGlitched DogGlitched DragonGlitched DominusGlitched UnicornGlitched PhoenixGlitched Immortuus 500,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Hacker Egg Hacked RaccoonHacked CatHaxigatorHaxolotl404 DemonHuge Hacked Cat 3,000,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Axolotl Ocean
Egg Pets Cost
Axolotl Egg Camo AxolotlChill AxolotlLumi AxolotlMidnight AxolotlStorm AxolotlEmpyrean Axolotl 35,000 Rainbow Coin.png
Shiny Axolotl Egg Nature AxolotlFancy AxolotlAxolotuusHydra AxolotlAstral AxolotlHellish Axolotl 150,000 Rainbow Coin.png
Pixel World
Egg Pets Cost
Pixel Egg Pixel CatPixel CorgiPixel ChickPixel TigerPixel Dragon 525,000 Rainbow Coin.png
Spotted Pixel Egg Pixel GoblinPixel SharkPixel DinoPixel Pink SlimePixel WolfPixel Demon 1,850,000 Rainbow Coin.png
Rainbow Pixel Egg Pixel Pink SlimePixel WolfPixel DemonHuge Pixel Cat 9,250,000 Rainbow Coin.png
Egg Pets Cost
Pog Egg Pog CatPog DogPog DragonPog Immortuus 11,000,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
Halloween 2021
Pumpkin Egg Zombie BullZombie SquirrelZombie CorgiWitch Cat 25,000 Candy Coin.png
Eerie Egg Ghost CatPumpkin CatVampire BatWerewolfThe Grim ReaperGhoul Horse 120,000 Candy Coin.png
Cursed Egg Vampire BatWerewolfThe Grim ReaperGhoul HorseHuge Pumpkin Cat 750,000 Candy Coin.png
Christmas 2021
Jolly Egg Festive CatFestive DogFestive DragonFestive AgonyCandy Cane 20,000 Gingerbread Currnecy PSX.png
Gingerbread Egg Gingerbread CatGingerbread CorgiCookie MouseGingerbread DragonReindeerRudolph 125,000 Gingerbread Currnecy PSX.png
Christmas Tree Egg FawnFestive CardinalFestive ElfNorth Pole WolfSilver StagSilver DragonSanta Paws 400,000 Gingerbread Currnecy PSX.png
Egg of Many Gifts Festive ElfRudolphNorth Pole WolfSilver StagSilver DragonSanta PawsHuge Festive Cat 1,250,000 Gingerbread Currnecy PSX.png
Insane Christmas Egg Silver DragonSanta PawsHuge Festive CatHuge Santa Paws 1,200 R$
Easter 2022
Easter Eggs Easter FoxEaster LambEaster CatBlue Marshmellow ChickGreen Marshmellow ChickPink Marshmellow ChickChocolate HippoChocolate FrogChocolate DogPastel Sock BearPastel Sock CorgiPastel Sock BunnyThe Easter BunnyHuge Easter Cat
Exclusive Shop (Incomplete/Stub)
Update Pets Cost

(Update 0)

  • 500 R$
  • 750 R$
  • 5,000 R$
Class Pet(s) How to Obtain
Group BIG Maskot Join the official BIG Games Group.
Achievement Signature BIG Maskot Meet Preston (BuildIntoGames) in Pet Simulator X.
Player's Exclusive Bladee Given to IDHAU, and can be traded.
Merch Huge Cat Purchased as a bundle from the Big Games Official Shop.
NFT Huge Pegasus They are NFTs traded on the BIG Games OpenSeas auction.