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The dog pet is one of the starting pets.

Pets are a feature of Pet Simulator 1. They collect coins and stay nearby!

Tier Pets Cost
Group BIG Maskot Join the official groups!
Tier 1 DogCatLambBunny ⋅ Orange Cat 275 Coins
Tier 2 White DogBrown CatMouseWhite BunnyWhite Cat 2,500 Coins
Tier 3 DalmatianPandaPigPolar BearBear 12,500 Coins
Tier 4 CrocodilePlatypusRaccoonSealKoala 46,000 Coins
Tier 5 BatMonkeyTurtleBeeOwl 175,000 Coins
Tier 6 ZebraTigerLadybugCheeta 450,000 Coins
Tier 7 DragonWatermelonSlimeYeti 1,500,000 Coins
Tier 8 GhostCherry MonkeyCyclopsBombDemon 3,750,000 Coins
Tier 9 Wavy ZebraCherry BombFantasy DragonWavy TigerWavy Cheeta 8,000,000 Coins
Tier 10 Lava ZebraLava DalmatianLava TurtleElectric SlimeElectric GhostDominus FrigidusDominus EmpyreusDominus Messor 50,000,000 Coins
Tier 11 Lava WatermelonUnicornZombieSherbertWavy BeeRobot 350,000,000 Coins
Tier 12 ReaperTankFire KingIce QueenAngelImmortuos ⋅ Mortuus

5,000,000,000 Coins
Tier 13 Space DogSpace CatSpace BunnySpace DragonWoogaPufferAlien 65,000 Moon Coins
Tier 14 Dark SaturnSaturn1NEZER0RevurseSpace CyclopsSpace BearSpace OwlHeadStack 475,000 Moon Coins
Tier 15 Candy CaneCandy CornDark Candy CornCookieGreen Gummy BearYellow Gummy BearGreen LollipopRainbowRed LollipopAme DamneeDomortuus 2,375,000 Moon Coins
Tier 16 Cyborg DragonCyborg CatCyborg DogCyborgC0RECyborg DominusFriendly CyborgComputerC0RE SH0CKRoVerSpace RangerRed Space Ranger 8,000,000 Moon Coins
Tier 17 Dominus PumpkinDominus CherryDominus NoobDominus WavyDominus HeadstackDominus DamneeDominus RainbowDominus ElectricDominus Huge 26,500,000 Moon Coins
Tier 18 Aesthetic CatHydraSpikeMagic FoxChimeraAgony 185,000,000 Moon Coins
Christmas Tier 1 Festive DogFestive CatFestive BunnyFestive Racoon 165 Snow Coins
Christmas Tier 2 Festive DragonFestive Seal ⋅ Snow SpikeIce Spike 90,000 Snow Coins
Christmas Tier 3 GingerbreadFestive Ame DamneeFestive DominusReindeerRandolph 15,000,000 Snow Coins
Christmas Tier 4 Festive C0REGiant PenguinFestive ImmortuosRandolph 8,000,000,000 Snow Coins
Halloween Limited Pets

(Currently unobtainable)

Zombie CatZombie Dog ⋅ SkeletonSpiderPumpkinGhostdeeriSorrowWillow WispWillow Wisp GreenSkeleton Ghost 85 - 850 Spooky Coins
Snake Egg (Currently Unavailable)
Other Pets