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Eggs in Pet Simulator 2 are the main way of getting pets. Not only do they contain pets, but they also serve as a little reward/feature of the game.

Each tier of eggs has a specific list of pets that can be obtained from it. The rarity of pets also increases with each tier. In general, you will get better pets with a higher tier and a rarer percentage. Some pets are very rare and some are pretty easy to get.

You can equip 4 pets and 8 with gamepasses.

Eggs Cost (Coins) Image
Spawn Egg 450 (428)
Beach Egg 6,250 (5,938)
Jungle Egg 35,000 (33,250)
Winter Egg 80,000 (78,850)
Desert Egg 125,000 (118,750)
Volcano Egg 225,000 (213,750)