The Eggs in Pet Simulator are the main way of getting pets. Not only do they contain pets, but also serve as a little reward/feature of the game.

Each tier of eggs have a specific list of pets that can be obtained from it. The rarity of pets also increases with each tier. In general, you will get better pets with a higher tier. Some pets are very rare, however, and will likely take a while to get.

You can equip 4 pets from 35 pets and each pets have its power and coin collection. If you buy 8 Pets Equipped gamepass, you can equip 8 pets. If you buy the Infinite Pets Equipped gamepass, you can equip an infinite amount of pets with no limit. If you buy Pet Cloner gamepass, you can get 3 pets from 1 egg.

10 normal pets can be coverted into 1 golden pet. 7 golden pets can be converted into 1 rainbow pet (this requires 70 normal pets total.)

As of Update 14, there are 22 total eggs. Including special eggs, there are 29 total.

Egg List

Here, you can see how many Coins, Moon Coins, Hallow Coins needed to buy one of any egg.

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Eggs Cost (Coins) Image
Tier 1 Egg 275
Tier 2 Egg 2,500
Tier 3 Egg 12,500
Tier 4 Egg 46,000
Tier 5 Egg 175,000
Tier 6 Egg 450,000
Tier 7 Egg 1,500,000
Tier 8 Egg 3,750,000
Tier 9 Egg 8,000,000
Tier 10 Egg 50,000,000
Tier 11 Egg 350,000,000
Tier 12 Egg 5,000,000,000
Moon Eggs Cost (Moon Coins)
Tier 13 Egg 65,000
Tier 13 Egg
Tier 14 Egg 475,000
Tier 14 Egg
Tier 15 Egg 2,375,000
Tier 16 Egg 8,000,000
Tier 16 Egg
Tier 17 Egg 26,500,000
Tier 17 Egg
Tier 18 Egg 165,000,000
Christmas Eggs Cost (Snow Coins)
Tier 1 Egg 165 12/23/18 - Ongoing
Tier 2 Egg 90,000 12/23/18 - Ongoing
Tier 3 Egg 15,000,000 12/23/18 - Ongoing
Tier 4 Egg 8,000,000,000 12/23/18 - Ongoing

Special Eggs are eggs that are only available for a limited time and/or are bought with Robux. These eggs hold unique pets that are only available during the time period of the special eggs. Some eggs give pets from other eggs (may be from different version including rainbow and dark matter.)

Special Eggs Cost Time Available
Snake Egg 59 Robux 8/10/2018 - 8/16/2018
Random Egg 219 Robux 9/2/2018 - 9/16/2018
Hallow Egg 80 Hallow Coins 10/19/18 - 11/9/18
Cursed Hallow Egg 750 Hallow Coins 10/19/18 - 11/9/18
Rainbow Random Egg 325 Robux 11/17/18 - 11/23/18
Dark Matter Random Egg 730 Robux 11/23/18 - 12/15/18
Rainbow Random Egg 300 Robux 12/25/18 - Ongoing


  • If you get a very rare pet, a message is released before the egg cracks.
  • As of November 21st, the most expensive egg is the Tier 18 Egg.
  • The Snake Egg is the first egg to cost Robux, along with being the first egg to ever go off-sale. Later in Update 4, the Random Egg was made and sold, being the first egg to cost Robux.