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Biomes, a.k.a. areas, are differently themed parts of each world. There are currently 35 Biomes in-game and 2 removed biomes. and cost Coins, Fantasy Coins, Tech Coins and Rainbow Coin to unlock. Diamonds can be spent to unlock teleporting to any of the biomes or buy 3 sub- biomes in spawn world, tech world, and pixel world.

They are used to unlock new/different eggs, resources and machines.

Spawn World

The Spawn World is the 1st world in-game, containing 11 Biomes. This uses the Coin Coin (PSX).png Currency.

Biome Name Cost of Transport Picture TP Cost (Diamond (PSX).png ) Facilities
Shop Default
Town Default
Forest 10,000 Coin (PSX).png
7,500 Upgrades
Beach 75,000 Coin (PSX).png
10,000 Fusing Machine
Mine 400,000 Coin (PSX).png
12,500 Rainbow Machine
Winter 1,250,000 Coin (PSX).png
12,500 None
Glacier 5,500,000 Coin (PSX).png
12,500 Access To Tech Entry
Desert 16,500,000 Coin (PSX).png
12,500 None
Volcano 50,000,000 Coin (PSX).png
25,000 Magma Chest
Cave 250,000,000 Coin (PSX).png
20,000 Mystery Merchant

Access to Fantasy World

Tech Entry 7,500,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
50,000 *Giant Tech Chest *Cannon/Entry to The Tech World

Fantasy World

The Fantasy World is the second world in-game, containing 10 biomes. This uses the Fantasy Coin Fantasy Coin.png Currency.

Biome Name Biome Cost Biome Image Teleport Cost (Diamond (PSX).png ) Facilities
Fantasy Shop Default FantasyShopOutsideView.png 50,000 None
Enchanted Forest Default EnchantedForestview.png 20,000
Portals 37,500 Fantasy Coin.png
30,000 Access to all fantasy world areas.
Ancient Island 85,000 Fantasy Coin.png AncientIsland.png 25,000 Ancient Chest
Samurai Island 525,000 Fantasy Coin.png SamuraiIsland.png 25,000 None
Candy Island 3,500,000 Fantasy Coin.png CandyIsland.png 25,000 None
Haunted Island 18,500,000 Fantasy Coin.png HauntedIsland.png 25,000 Haunted Chest
Hell Island 66,666,666 Fantasy Coin.png Hell Island.png 30,000 Hell Chest
Heaven Island 150,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
35,000 Double Heaven Chest
Heaven's Gate 777,000,000 Fantasy Coin.png
50,000 Grand Heaven Chest

Tech World

The Tech World is the third world in-game, containing 10 biomes. This uses the Tech Coin Tech-Cyborg Coin.png as Currency.

Biome Name Biome Cost Biome Image Teleport Cost (Diamond (PSX).png ) Facilities
Tech Shop Default
Tech Shop4.jpg
Tech City Default
30,000 None
Dark Tech 50,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
DarkTech PSX.jpeg
30,000 Dark Matter Machine
Steampunk 625,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
S punk.PNG
30,000 None
Steampunk Chest Area 11,500,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
45,000 Steampunk Chest
Alien Lab 8,250,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Alien Lab.png
35,000 None
Alien Forest 72,500,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Alien Forest.png
40,000 None
Giant Alien Chest 2,500,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Giant Alien Chest .png
65,000 Alien Chest
Glitch 550,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
Glitch World.png
50,000 None
Hacker Portal 7,500,000,000 Tech-Cyborg Coin.png
2022-01-28 (5).png

The Void

The Void technically isn't a world. Instead, it is a unique area accessible from only the Hacker Portal. It also does not have a currency, as there aren't any coin spending eggs or areas here.

Biome Name Requirements Image Teleport Cost (Diamond (PSX).png ) Facilities
The Void Hacker Portal Quests

Axolotl Ocean

The Axolotl Ocean is the fourth world in-game, containing 3 biomes. This world uses the Rainbow Coin as the Currency.

Biome Name Biome Cost Biome Image Teleport Cost (Diamond (PSX).png ) Facilities
Axolotl Ocean Default
Axolotl Deep Ocean 95,000 Rainbow Coin.png
100,000 None
Axolotl Cave 525,000 Rainbow Coin.png
Giant Underwater Chest.png
125,000 Giant Underwater Chest

Pixel World

Pixel World is the fifth and latest world in-game, containing 4 biomes so far. This world uses the Rainbow CoinRainbow Coin.png , same currency that Axolotl Ocean uses.

Biome Name Biome Cost Biome Image Teleport Cost (Diamond (PSX).png ) Facilities
Pixel Forest Unlock all areas in Axolotl Ocean world.
150,000Diamond (PSX).png Pixel World Shop

Pixel Bank

Pet Collection Machine

Pixel Kyoto 15,000,000Rainbow Coin.png
Pixel Alps 75,000,000Rainbow Coin.png
Pixel Vault 1,000,000,000 Rainbow Coin.png Giant Pixel Chest

Special Areas

Area Name Area Cost/Requirement Area Image Description Facilities
Halloween Event 2021 None (Removed)
Halloween Event (PSX).jpg
It's time to get spoOoOoKy... hop in a cannon to the new limited time Halloween Event world! Anyone can access this world - there is no cost or level requirement! (No Longer Exists) Halloween Upgrade Machine
Christmas Event 2021 None (Removed)
Christmas Event 2021 (2).png
Welcome to a jolly realm where, unlike Halloween, is filled to the brim with festive atmosphere and decorations! Treat yourself with some limited eggs, gingerbread, and even your very own sleigh! Christmas Quests
Trading Plaza 1,000,000 Diamond (PSX).png
Trading Plaza.png
Introducing the Trading Plaza! Trade (and voice chat) with up to 30 players at once! Currently, you can use every machine in the game here. This will be the future hub for events + more!
Pog Area

(No official name)

11 September, 2021 to 18 September, 2021 Pog Egg