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Biomes, otherwise known as Realms or Sections, are differently themed parts of the Pet Simulator 1 map. There are currently 14 biomes so far as of Update 15.

Visit List of Currencies to see a list of the value of coins and chests in each biome.

The Winter Wonderland biomes are now accessible through the portal at the end of the moon biomes.

Biome Cost Image
Starter Area (Overworld 1) Free
Grass Biome.png
Haunted Woods (Overworld 2) 25,000 Coins
Shadow Biome.png
Icey Mountains (Overworld 3) 400,000 Coins
Snowy Mountain Biome.png
Lava Peaks (Overworld 4) 2,500,000 Coins
Volcano Biome.png
Plasma Overworld (Overworld 5) 20,000,000 Coins
Mystic Biome.png
Aurora Mushrooms (Overworld 6) 500,000,000 Coins
Elf Biome.png
Biome Cost Image
Moon Base (Moon 1) 5,000,000,000 Coins
Screenshot 1-0.png
Pink Planet (Moon 2) 125,000 Moon Coins
Screenshot 3-0.png
Candy Land(Moon 3) 800,000 Moon Coins
Tech Valley (Moon 4) 7,000,000 Moon Coins
RobloxScreenShot20180928 152727297.png
Dominus Shrine (Moon 5) 55,555,555 Moon Coins
5956b0feac8dbe743f3920e993860dabe786db8c 1 345x138.jpeg
Winter Wonderland
Biome Cost Image
Winter Wonderland 1 99,999,999,999 Moon Coins
Winter Wonderland.png
Winter Wonderland 2 2,500,000 Snow Coins
Winter Wonderland 3 100,000,000,000 Snow Coins