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This page includes content that is now removed from the game. The content being shown could have been limited or was chosen to be removed by the developers. This page will be used for historical purposes.

The Huge Pumpkin Cat is an Exclusive Pet in Pet Simulator X. It can be obtained from the Cursed Egg.

Chance of hatching

(This is just an estimation.)

Chance: ~0.0000002%


  • Best Friend (Unique Enchantment): Pet will always be as strong as your best pet.
  • Random Enchantment


  • Similar to the Huge Cat, this pet's stats is ???, unless you re-enchant it.
  • This is this first Exclusive pet to be obtained by hatching an Egg.
  • This is the rarest pet in game, having the lowest chance of hatching.
  • This is the second pet to have the Best Friend enchantment, the first being the Huge Cat.
  • It is a Pumpkin Cat re-skin of the Huge Cat.
  • This is the first exclusive pet to have their second enchant to be random.
  • This is the first pet hatched from an egg to have a set enchantment.
  • This pet could be re-enchanted, removing the best friend enchantment and reducing its stats to around ~8.5b.
  • This is the only exclusive pet which can be made Golden, Rainbow and Dark Matter.
  • It was originally expected to be in all of the Halloween Eggs.
  • This is one of the most valuable pets in the game because of its extremely low hatch chance and its limited availability.
  • This is the only pet in the Cursed Egg that cannot be obtainable from the Eerie Egg.