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Huge Cat (or Giant Cat) is a pet in Pet Simulator. Its levels are just below 10 billion. It is currently the best pet in the game and unable to hatch from an egg.


The Huge Cat (Giant Cat) has the exact appearance of the cat but far bigger. Because of it, the Giant Cat is the largest and strongest pet in the game.

The Giant Cat compared to a robloxian for size comparison


This pet is extremely large and powerful. To get one, all you have to do is go to their shop. The price is about $64 USD.

Note: This pet is no longer on sale. and you can only get (Pet Simulator X) Huge Cat


  • This is the largest pet in the game, beating the Dominus Huge’s size by roughly over 10 times!
  • This is the only pet taller than the character.
  • This is the best pet in the game, beating the Dominus Huge by over 100 times!
  • This cannot be turned into Dark Matter because only 100 were sold.
  • This pet was so popular and desired, it sold out in 2 minutes and 12 seconds of it being listed on the creator's Twitter!
  • This is one of the only pets unable to be hatched from an egg. (Others being Giant Mortuus, Love Dog and Noob.)
  • This is the only pet to be able to break not only the one-billion level mark (unglitched), but is also the only pet to be able to reach over 10 billion, with this pet wearing any hat in the game.
  • This is the first pet to be untradeable, meaning it cannot be traded.
  • Because this pet is untradeable, it cannot be duplicated, making this pet the first non-duplicatable pet.
  • The Gold, Rainbow, and Dark Matter Giant Cat are all classified as Unobtainable, due to it being untradeable.
  • This is the rarest pet in the game as of 11/25/2018. Pet Simulator has 400M+ visits, and only 100 copies exist in the game. The chance of having one is 1 in 3,370,000 (an even lower chance than getting a Dominus Huge, which is about 1 in 2 million. However, this chance may be EVEN lower, as BIG Games on Twitter only has about 57 thousand followers, and there are even fewer people who were willing to purchase it).
  • This is the only pet with the same texture as another without changing color schemes.
  • Despite not being able to make one into gold (due to it being non-tradeable), a golden icon for it still exists.
  • This pet also appears in Pet Simulator X.