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A golden Candy Cane.

A Golden Festive Immortuos

Golden Pets are a form of pet that can be made by combining 10 of the same, or "base", pet.

Show/Hide Original Golden Pets
Tier Original Golden Pets
Group Gold BIG Maskot
Tier 1 Gold Cat

Gold Dog

Gold Bunny

Gold Lamb

Tier 2 Gold Mouse
Tier 3 Gold Pig

Gold Polar Bear

Gold Bear

Tier 4 Gold Crocodile

Gold Platypus

Gold Racoon

Gold Seal

Tier 5 Gold Bat

Gold Monkey

Gold Turtle

Gold Bee

Gold Owl

Tier 6 Gold Zebra

Gold Tiger

Gold Ladybug

Gold Cheeta

Tier 7 Gold Dragon

Gold Watermelon

Gold Slime

Gold Yeti

Tier 8 Gold Ghost

Gold Cyclops

Gold Bomb

Gold Demon

Tier 9 Gold Wavy Zebra

Gold Cherry Bomb

Gold Fantasy Dragon

Gold Wavy Cheeta

Tier 10 Gold Dominus
Tier 11 Gold Unicorn

Gold Zombie

Gold Sherbert

Gold Robot

Tier 12 Gold Reaper

Gold Tank

Gold Fire King

Gold Ice Queen

Gold Angel

Gold Immortuos

Tier 13 Gold Alien

Gold Wooga

Gold Puffer

Tier 14 Gold 1NE

Gold HeadStack

Gold Revurse

Gold Saturn

Tier 15 Gold Candy Cane

Gold Candy Corn

Gold Red Lollipop

Gold Green Gummy Bear

Gold Cookie

Gold Rainbow

Gold Domortuus

Gold Ame Damnee

Tier 16

Gold Cyborg

Gold Computer

Gold C0RE

Gold RoVer

Gold Space Ranger

Tier 17 Gold Dominus Pumpkin

Gold Dominus Cherry

Gold Dominus Noob

Gold Dominus Wavy

Gold Dominus Headstack

Gold Dominus Damnee

Gold Dominus Rainbow

Gold Dominus Electric

Gold Dominus Huge

Tier 18 Gold Aesthetic CatGold Spike

Gold Chimera

Gold Hydra

Gold Agony

Other Golden Pets

Though there are many more Golden Pets that await us in the future, there are some Golden Pets that have been teased. Some Golden Pets do not have an Original Pet, are unreleased, or are unsure of obtaining.

As of Update 10, all pets (including reskins) can be made Golden!

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