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The Golden Machine is located at the right of the Bank in the Spawn world. It allows players upgrade turn regular pets golden, requiring 1 to 6 pets and costing varying amounts of Diamonds based on the number of pets used. Golden pets' stats are around triple (3x) the pet being upgraded. Under most circumstances, Exclusive pets cannot be put in this machine.

If the process fails, pets deposited in the machine will not be returned.


The number of pets determines the chance of the upgrade's success and also increases the diamond cost.

Pet Amount Materials Chance
1 250 Diamond (PSX).png 13%
2 400 Diamond (PSX).png 29%
3 600 Diamond (PSX).png 47%
4 800 Diamond (PSX).png 63%
5 1,000 Diamond (PSX).png 88%
6 1,250 Diamond (PSX).png 100%


  • It is the first machine accessible by players in-game.
  • Using this machine costs the least amount of Diamonds.
  • This machine was moved from being to the left of the Bank (previously the Exclusive Shop), to the right.
  • In the Axolotl Update, the Golden Machine was remade.
  • Using this machine and the Rainbow Machine can level up the Converting Mastery.