Giant Penguin is obtained from the Christmas Tier 4 Egg and is a pet introduced in Update 14. 


The Giant Penguin pet is an enlarged cube-shaped penguin, with light blue eyes and an orange triangular nose.

It is a Huge pet, similar to the Dominus Huge, and Giant Cat. In terms of size, it is bigger than Dominus huge.


The chance of getting the Giant Penguin is 0.00000001% chance, making it the rarest pet in the game. In second place is the Dominus Huge, which has a 0.000005% chance of obtaining.

If you bought all gamepasses, the chance of getting a normal and a rainbow one with all game passes is:

  • The normal chance would be 0.00000023%
  • The Rainbow chance is 0.0000000000025%


  • This pet's golden level is x3 the normal one and is about ranges from 12.5 to 14 Million+ levels
  • This pet's rainbow level is x5 the normal one and it ranges from 62.5 to 70 Million+ levels.
  • This pet's dark matter level is x15 the normal one and it ranges from 187.5 to 210 Million+ levels.


  • This pet was designed by the YouTuber IntelPlayz, making it the first and only pet in the game to be designed by a YT'er.
  • The original design by IntelPlayz, had a rounder beak, darker blue eyes, larger belly and more polished colors.
  • This is the rarest pet in the game, and the chance of getting it is 1 in 10 billion. The rainbow chance is about 1 in 2 trillion, making this pet's rainbow version nearly impossible to get. However, since duping was rediscovered, this pet has become much more common in Rainbow and Dark Matter forms.
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