Pet Simulator Wiki

Gamepasses are passes you buy with Robux to gain perks and abilities in-game. They are present in Pet Simulator 1 and Pet Simulator X. While they are not present in Pet Simulator 2, VIP is sort of a replacement for them.

Pet Simulator 1 Gamepasses

Image Name Description Price
2x Coins! Double the coins you pick up! R$ 250

100 Max Pets

Store 100 pets instead of 35! This stacks with 500 Max Pets (600 total). R$



8 Pets Equipped

Equip 8 pets at ONCE instead of 4! // THIS SHOULD WORK NOW! If you're still having issues DM us on Twitter! // R$ 350
VIP Join the Premium VIP club! VIP Includes: - Sprint - 1.5x XP - VIP chat tag R$ 175
2x XP Pets level up 2x faster! R$ 199
Infinite Pets Equipped Allows you to equip as many pets as you want - no limit. PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT stack with the 8 pets equipped gamepass R$ 39,999
Pet Cloner

All eggs will give an additional 2 clones of the pet you hatch! Very helpful when trying to get lots of rare pets. This Stacks With Triple Egg Hatch (9 Eggs)

R$ 2,399
500 Max Pets

Store 500 pets instead of 25! This stacks with 100 Max Pets (600 total).

R$ 699

Dramatically increases your chances of hatching rare pets from eggs!

R$ 99
Super Lucky

Increases chances of getting rare pets by 20x! (Stacks)

R$ 899
Lucky Rainbow Pets

Increases chances of getting rainbow pets by 5x!

R$ 129

Teleport to any unlocked part of the map instantly, with no cooldown!

R$ 30
Super Pet Collection

Pets will collect triple the speed than normal, permanently!

R$ 499
100 Max Hats.png
100 Max Hats Store 100 hats instead of 10! R$ 300
Triple Egg.png
Triple Egg Open This gamepass gives you the ability to open 3 eggs at once! R$ 440
6 More Pets Equipped.png
6 More Pets Equipped Equip 6 more pets at ONCE! (Stacks with 8 Pets Equipped giving a total of 14 pets) R$ 400

Pet Simulator X

Image Name Description Price
8 Pets X.png
8 Pets Equipped! Take 8 pets out at a time instead of 4! (Stacks) R$ 350
Teleport X.png
Teleport! INSTANTLY teleport to anywhere that you have unlocked! R$ 200
Hoverboard X.png
Hoverboard! Get around faster in a slick hoverboard! R$ 250
VIP X.png
VIP! 👑 Tons of exclusive perks! Includes:

- VIP only area!

- Rewards every 4 hours!

- Chat tag + color!


+ more added soon!

R$ 400
Triple Eggs X.png
Triple Eggs! Ability to open 3 eggs at a time instead of 1! R$ 800
Pet Storage X.png
Pet Storage! Hold an additional +100 pets! (stacks) R$ 100
Egg Skip X.png
Egg Skip! Open eggs much faster with the ability to skip the animation! R$ 125
Super Pet Storage X.png
Super Pet Storage! Hold an additional 500 pets! (stacks) R$ 400
Auto Hatch.png
Auto Hatch! Auto open eggs. R$ 150
Lucky! Permanently increases your chances of getting rare, epic, legendary, and mythical pets from eggs! 🍀 (Stacks with boosts) R$ 400
Mythical Hunter!.png
Mythical Hunter! Substantially increases the chances of hatching Mythical Pets, permanently! ✨ R$ 1,799
Magic Eggs X.png
Magic Eggs! Eggs have a chance to hatch golden or even rainbow pets! 👑🌈 R$ 1,299

Super Magnet.png

Super Magnet! Collect orbs and lootbags, from anywhere! 👑🌈 R$ 400