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In Pet Simulator X, fusing recipes are recipes that may be used to fuse pets. Here are a few recipes to try, the Fusion Guide is a good place to start if you're new to the game and want to learn more about fusing!

Please keep in mind that there are more possibilities, and the probabilities listed below may be incorrect.

Due to fusing possibilities created because of new updates, older fusing recipes, such as those from Fantasy World, will be less accurate.

Alien Update

Pet Result Required Pets Chances
Golden Alien Axolotl, Rainbow Nine Eyed Lion
x2 Rainbow Vampire Bat and x1 Rainbow Werewolf 50%
Rainbow Alien Arachnid x3 Dark Matter Vampire Bat 90%
Meebo in a Spaceship x3 Grim Reaper 50%
Golden Gleebo The Alien x3 Golden Bleebo The Alien 100%
Rainbow Jelly Alien x12 Golden Bleebo The Alien 50%
Rainbow Meebo in a Spaceship x6 Rainbow Jelly Alien 100%
Rainbow Star Surfer 3x Rainbow Meebo in a Spaceship 100%

Halloween 2021

Fusing recipes that result in pets from the Halloween Event. (Pets are no longer accessible through hatching.)

Pet Result Required Pets Chances
Rainbow Ghost Cat 8-12 Vampire Bat ≈50%
Rainbow Grim Reaper 1 Dark Matter Vampire Bat and 3 Rainbow Vampire Bats ≈80%
Rainbow Grim Reaper x4 Rainbow Werewolf ≈100%
Rainbow Grim Reaper x5 Golden Grim Reaper ≈100%
Rainbow Grim Reaper x7 Rainbow Vampire Bat ≈73%
Rainbow Grim Reaper x6 Rainbow Vampire Bat ≈60%
Rainbow Werewolf
  • ≈100%
  • N/A
Rainbow Vampire Bat 12x Golden Ghost Cat 75%
Rainbow Vampire Bat 5x Golden Vampire Bat 83%
Rainbow Grim Reaper/Blurred Agony 3x Rainbow Werewolf ≈100%
Golden Werewolf 3x The Grim Reaper ≈55%
Rainbow Pumpkin Cat ≈40%
Golden Blurred Agony ≈5%

Tech World

Fusing recipes which result in pets from the Tech World.

Pet Result Required Pets Chances
Rainbow Blurred Agony 100%
Gold Blurred Agony
  • 100%
  • 100%
  • ~25%
  • ~20%
Rainbow Blurred Agony 6x Rainbow Blurred Dominus ~27%
Gold Blurred Dominus 8x Golden Blurred Bear

7x Rainbow Steampunk Crocodile

Rainbow Stacked Cat /

Rainbow Stacked Dog

12x Normal Blurred Axolotl 100%
Rainbow Reversed Cat 12x Normal Blurred Bear

5x Rainbow Mining Mole



Rainbow Blurred Axolotl 4x Golden Blurred Axolotl
Rainbow Blurred Bear 4x Golden Blurred Bear
Rainbow Techno Cat 3x Rainbow Happy Computer

or 3x Gold Techno Cat

Rainbow Techno Cat 2x Rainbow Robot and

2x Rainbow Happy Computer

Rainbow Happy Computer 6x Rainbow Cyber Fox

or 3x Rainbow Robots

Rainbow Robot 3x Rainbow Cyber Foxes

3x Zombie Corgi



Golden Techno Cat 7x Golden Robots ~80%
Golden Techno Cat 3x Dark Matter Empyrean Pets ~95%
Golden Techno Cat 6x Golden Robots

6x Golden Cyber Foxes

Rainbow Techno Cat 3x Rainbow Happy Computer

7x Rainbow Robot

Golden Mechanical Spider 7x Golden Steampunk Crocodile ~100%
Rainbow Mechanical Spider 3x Rainbow Steampunk Fish N/A
Regular Techno Cat 6x Golden Empyrean Dragons ~100%

Fantasy World

Fusing recipes which result in pets from the Fantasy World.

Pet Result Required Pets Chances
Agony 3x Rainbow Skele's

1x Rainbow Ghost

Angel Dog 3x Hell Rock N/A
Empyrean Dragon x12 Rainbow Empyrean Egg Pets ~95%
Hell Rock or Rainbow Axolotl 1 Golden White Tiger 4x Golden Panda N/A
Hound of Hades 7x Rainbow Ghost's

5x Rainbow Reaper's

Reaper, Skele, Ghost 1x White Tiger 4x Panda

or 1x Red Panda 4x Axolotl

Golden Willow Wisp 12x Reaper

or ?x Ghost

Golden Skele 3x Golden Axolotl

2x Golden Panda

Golden Ghost or Golden Reaper 3x Golden Axolotl

3x Golden Panda

Golden Hell Chick 3x Golden Ghost N/A
Pegasus 2x Robot 1x Cyber Fox. ~10%
Rainbow Hell Chick 3x Rainbow Skele N/A
Rainbow Pog Cat (No longer fusable) 3x/5x Happy Computers 1x Golden Robot. Cannot be fused as of now


  • Dark Matter, Mythical and Exclusive pets cannot be obtained by fusing, and also cannot be placed in the fusing machine.
  • Extra 3x Bleebo The Alien = Rainbow Reversed Cat 100%
  • Usually when 3 of the strongest rainbow epics results in the best legendary of the game (at the time)