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Common Enchantments

In Pet Simulator X, Legendary Tier and above Pets automatically have Enchants. It is also possible to manually enchant any pet below Mythical Tier via the Enchanting Circle in the Fantasy World. Enchanting a pet costs 10,000 Diamond (PSX).png . Enchants will give individual buffs which can stack with each other. These Enchants come in different levels with V (5) being the highest possible. Legendary pets can have unique enchantments upon hatching.

Pets below the Mythical tier can have up to 2 enchants. Mythical pets have 3 enchants, with at least one unique enchant. Exclusive Pets can have up to 4 enchants. One such exclusive is the Dominus Darkwing.

Fusing or combining Legendary pets will result in the pets being re-enchanted with new enchants.

Common Enchants
Enchant Type Description Buff Given
Coins Pets earn +n% more Regular Coins 15% 30% 50% 75% 100%
Fantasy Coins Pet earns +n% more Fantasy Coins 15% 30% 50% 75% 100%
Tech Coins Pets earns +n% more Tech Coins 15% 30% 50% 75% 100%
Rainbow Coins Pets earns +n% more Rainbow Coins 15% 30% 50% 75% 100%
Teamwork Pets do more damage together with this pet (Stacks) 15% X X X X
Super Teamwork Pets do much more damage together with this pet (Stacks) 30% X X X X
Charm Increases your chances of getting a Bonus while equipped 20% X X X X
Strength Pet does +n% more damage 15% 30% 50% 70% 100%
Agility Pet moves n% faster 20% 35% 50% X X
Diamonds Pets earns +n% more Diamonds 10% 20% 35% 50% 65%
Chest Breaker Pet deals +n% more damage to Chests 50% 100% 150% X X
Gifts Presents damaged by this pet yield +n% rewards 30% 70% 100% X X

Unique Enchantments

There are rarer forms of Enchants/Abilities, known as Unique Enchants. Due to this, they are typically much better than Common Enchants.

Unlike Common Enchants, These do not have any levels so far. They can still be enchanted from the Enchanting Circle in Fantasy World.

All Enchantments Stack!

Unique Enchantments
Enchant Type Description Buff Given Notes
Royalty Pet does +100% damage, earns +100% more diamonds, and moves 50% faster +100% Strength, +100% Diamonds, +50% Speed.
Magnet Pet can collect orbs for you Pet can collect orbs with the range equal to your orb collection range.
Glittering Pet randomly spawns diamonds Pet spawns 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 80, etc. diamonds at random interval.
Best Friend Pet will always be as strong as your best pets The pet will always be as strong as your best pet. The Best Friend enchantment is unobtainable through enchanting, although the enchantment always appears on Huge Pets.

Enchanting Chances

Base chances of getting a given enchantment.

Enchanting Chances
Enchant Type Base Chance


Enchanting Mastery

lvl 35

Enchanting Mastery

lvl 75

Magnet 0.86%
Chests 10.12%
Charm 5.06%
Rainbow Coins 2.02% Strong pets with Rainbow Coins IV and Rainbow coins V usually get overpays.
Fantasy Coins 4.05%
Strength 15.18%
Coins 7.59%
Royalty 0.61%
Agility 20.24%
Tech Coins 3.04%
Presents 10.12%
Diamonds 7.59%
Glittering 0.86%
Teamwork 12.65%


  • Exclusive and Mythical Pets have unique enchantment(s) by default and cannot be re-enchanted.
  • The Unique Enchant Glittering got a small buff in the Bank Update.