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The Egg Shop is a shop where you can buy eggs to hatch for pets. It is located in the first area of the map, or the spawn.

It sells Tier 1 Egg, Tier 2 Egg, Tier 3 Egg, Tier 4 Egg, Tier 5 Egg, Tier 6 Egg, Tier 7 Egg, Tier 8 Egg, Tier 9 Egg, Tier 10 Egg, Tier 11 Egg and Tier 12 Egg.


The Egg shop.

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Egg Shop 2.

On the Moon Biome, it has separate egg shop which you can buy with Moon Coins. It sells Tier 13 Egg, Tier 14 Egg, Tier 15 Egg and Tier 16 Egg. On this shop more eggs are coming soon!

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