Dominus Shrine is currently one of the biomes to have no coins (tiny coins, big coins, and coin stacks) or mini and regular-sized chests. It only has a mega chest in the middle. The only other biome similar to this is the Aurora Mushrooms biome, but that biome has coins and chests, unlike this biome.

This gargantuan chest also gives you tons of coins, maybe even billions depending on your pets and how long you've been grinding it. If you have the patience, it's definitely worth the wait.


  • The golden chest in the middle is the biggest and strongest chest in the game.
  • This biome is the second biome to be placed on the side of the previous biome instead of the back.
  • A group of 50 rainbow Dominus Huges would take this chest down in 5 seconds. 100 would take 2 seconds.
  • This biome is the last and most expensive biome on the Moon.


  • Have pets that do a lot of damage. That will make the chest lose health quicker.
  • Have dark matters that are over 7 million in stats.
  • When the chest is close to opening, have high-level pets.
  • The More power you have, the less time it will open.
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