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Dominus Headstack is a Tier 17 pet. It is the dominus version of Headstack . Dominus Headstack has base stats of 100,000+. Dominus Headstack has a rarity of 3 and a half stars. To the looks of it, it's a Dominus Empyreus and a small Dominus Frigidus on top of the Dominus Empyreus. Also looks like a Dominus Huge on the bottom of the Dominus Frigidus.


In golden form, the stats are 240,000 coin collection, and 105,000 agility. The golden stats are x3 better than the regular stats.


In rainbow form, the stats are 400,000 coin collection and 175,000 agility. The rainbow stats are x5 better than the regular stats. (Making it better than the Dominus Rainbow)

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