The Dominus Empryreus is a pet which can be obtained through two different methods.

The first of the two methods to obtain the Dominus Empyreus is by buying it on the store for 8,999 Robux. (No longer available in the store)

The second method to obtain the Dominus Empyreus is by hatching it from a Tier 10 Egg, but this has only a 0.1% chance of occurring.

It starts out with base stats of 1,000 Coin Collection and 1,000 Agility. It has a rarity of 4.5 stars.


Its golden version starts off with 3 times the normal stats with 3,000 Coin Collection and 3,000 Agility.


Its rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal stats with 5,000 Coin Collection and 5,000 Agility.


  • There is a very similar pet to this called the Dominus Huge, and it is the strongest pet as of Update 9. However at Update 11, the Giant Cat beats this by over 100 times!
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