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The Dominus Electric is a Tier 17 Pet that came with Update 9. It is a 5-star rarity pet that has base stats of 1,000,000. It is one of the rarest pets in the game, with a 0.0035% chance of obtaining. The Dominus Electric, along with all other electric pets, emit a set of lightning particles. It can be purchased at the Premium Shop with 8,299 Robux. Premium Dominus Electric's stats are 250,000 for both Coin Collection and Agility. (The exact same for a Rainbow Core Shock.)

(If you have all lucky game passes chance is 0.0358%)


The Golden stats on this pet are at a decent 3,500,000. This pet was previously unable to be made gold until Update 10.


The Rainbow stats on this pet are at a fairly high 6,000,000. This is one of few Electric Pets with the others being the Electric Ghost and the Electric Slime.

(Chance of rainbow is 0.000035%)

(If you have all lucky gamepasses, chance is 0.0038%)

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