The dog is a Tier 1 Pet obtained through a Tier 1 Egg. It is one of the first pets available for choosing when you begin the game, the other being the Cat. Its rarity is a half star. Its normal level when hatched is 1.


The Dog has six reskins, which are the White Dog, the Dalmatian, the Lava Dalmatian, the Space Dog, the Cyborg Dog, and the Love Dog.

Golden, Rainbow, + Dark Matter Versions

The golden and rainbow versions of the Dog can be made by:

  • Combining 10 normal Dogs will make 1 Golden Dog.
  • Combining 7 Golden Dogs will make 1 Rainbow Dog.
  • For 1 Rainbow Dog, you would require 70 normal dogs. (Would make into 7 golden dogs.)
  • Combining 5 Rainbow Dogs would make 1 Dark Matter Dog.

Golden usually has times 3 of the stats, Rainbow has times 5, and Dark Matter has times 15.


  • The Dog is the counterpart of Cat.
  • You can get this pet on the starter pet choosing screen.
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