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Cyborg Demon (Originally Cyborg Dragon) is a Tier 16 pet. They can hatch out of a Tier 16 Egg. The pet is mainly dark grey with white spots on it. It has 2 wings and 2 horns: one wing/horn white, and one wing/horn dark gray. It has one black eye and one red eye.

The base stats are 33,553 Coin Collection and 1,447 Agility. The Rainbow stats are 5 times as much.

This pet is a dragon version of the Demon pet.


This pet can be made golden to reach stats of 100,659 in Coin Collection and 4,341 in Agility. This pet was previously unable to be made gold until Update 10.


Its rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal stats with 167,765 Coin Collection and 7235 Agility.


  • This is one of the only renamed pets
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